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Constant red inflamed areas?

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I've had acne for many years, I think it started when I was thirteen-ish. And although it's better now, it just won't go away.

I still break out, but not very often, the main problems are these areas on my cheeks that just never seem to go away. It seems that there are these red bumps that just don't heal, and nothing I do will get rid of them.

I use all natural products on my face, all designed for oily skin, and absolutely no chemicals. It controls the oil production really well, so why is this still happening? Is it my diet? Because that's pretty awful to be honest. I drink a lot of water though, I'm careful about anything touching my face, and I change my pillowcase every day. My skin care routine is excellent, things just don't seem to be improving.

It's frustrating because I'm nineteen, in college, and literally NO-ONE in any of my classes has acne. I'm the only one with terrible skin.

Can diet really make a difference?

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All of the people in my classes have flawless baby skin. It makes me want to burn my face off haha.

To answer your question, yes, diet can make a difference. Some people may say differently but it truly makes sense that what you do to the inside of your body will show on the outside. I'm not saying that your diet has to be perfect because...well...heck...who doesn't love a good slice of cake every so often?!

Some foods can also trigger acne more so than others. Every person is different. I know that I can't have ANY orange juice or large amounts of kelp. The worst two breakouts of my life came from drinking a lot of orange juice and having a few kelp supplements. The kelp contains too much iodine for my skin to handle and the orange juice is too acidic and contains too much sugar. These two things trigger not just normal acne for me but deep cysts. Ugh!

If you're breaking out in the areas that are red and inflamed, that's why it may be taking longer. I still have red marks all over my cheeks for a long time after a breakout...however, if I breakout in the same area...well I'm doomed to wait even longer.

Your skincare routine sounds great but maybe it's not strong enough? How long have you been using the same regime? At times your skin can become resistant to the same products.

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I've been using this regime for a couple of months now. I cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night. And twice a week I use an exfoliating face mask that I make myself from natural ingredients. It's specifically for acne-prone skin, so you'd think things would have improved by now.

I'm going to try changing my diet and see how that works. Thank you for your reply.

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