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How do I convince the parents to get me Dan's regime?

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Hi. :surprised: I am an Asian girl, a high schooler and I'm trying to work out what to do. As the title suggests, I am not yet financially independent from my parents, so I need a little help with the convincing side.

You see, I have been suffering from very mild acne since I was 9(?) and it has progressed over the years. As a child, I lived happy but my parents fussed over my small pimples on my forehead. I've had blackheads on my nose for as long as I can remember and quite a number of whiteheads. I started developing chest acne/bacne in 6th grade and it still bothers me until now (again, just whiteheads/blackheads, rarely any angry red ones). Over the summer, I broke out on my cheeks. They weren't painful cystic ones, just whiteheads (pardon my bad terminology). They resulted in what I believe to be post inflammatory hyperpigmentation so I have ugly red spots but they don't have any craters. I rarely touch the zits on my cheeks, so they probably faded away leaving those dark circles.

It's hard. I have been gifted to mix well everywhere I go and I am surrounded by friends, but I can't help but think what others say about my face problems as rarely anyone brings up the topic of acne in my presence. Still, I wake up everyday wondering why I have to be different in this way. Just when I thought T-zone acne and bacne was bad enough, it came on my cheeks, adding on to my hardship. School life is stressful, as I'm working up for my future so I really shouldn't be worrying about skin problems with academics in place. Yes, everyone also tells me that adolescence comes bundled with acne, but I since I developed acne at such a young age I can't help but desperately hope it stops. It plagues my mind, looking at myself in the mirror every time.

Last year my parents brought to see a dermatologist, but after a year, I lost faith in her. She kept on advertising her own branded products, and it seemed like her clinic was more of a beautifying salon for middle-aged women. :shifty: When I asked her about my sudden outbreak on my cheeks, she gave me a vague answer that did not satisfy me. I also asked about BP since I took a glance at this site before seeing her, but again she did not give me a good enough explanation. Upon my previous visit, she heavily pushed Accutane on me, giving us pamphlets and everything, but my dad said no because I'm still very young and Accutane may mess up my liver (according to him).

I've stuck with the previous regime she prescribed:

-Retin-A 0.05% in the evening

-Differin in the morning

-I'm on Ermycin (oral erythromycin) prescribed by the same dermatologist that gives me the erythromycin solution, but I've tried Doxyline (doxycyline) and one other one that is orange and blue for a couple of months

-For my back, I put on a topical erythromycin solution once at night (this is from a different dermatologist)

-I wash my face twice a day with my vitamin C scrub (non-medicated)

-This may not be very significant, buy my mom makes me take vitamin C 1000mg and vitamin E 1000mg once a evening, but I doubt it's for acne

Now that I've silently surfed through this website, I've brought up the guts to write everything there is about my skin, and I've read a couple of the success stories. This makes me feel rather happy after trying out an arsenal of products, but the problem is I still have a couple more tubes of Retin-A and Erythromycin solution stored in my bathroom that I have yet to finish. How could I convince my parents that this is something worth trying out? Should I wait it out and finish all my Retin-A and Erythromycin (topical and oral) before I suggest Dan's regime to my rents? Or should I really push on the drastic option of Accutane?

I'm really desperate to prevent acne from affecting my self esteem and daily life, and to keep scars from appearing. Please help. :confused:

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If you think that Dan's regimen will make your skins apperance better then tell your parents it will boost your confidence and make you that much more of a happier person.. I don't see how they can refuse you that.

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This may not seem like the best advice but honestly.... Kick, scream, and cry... It's what I had to do when I was 15 to get my parents to even allow me to go to a dermatologist, pour your heart out to them and let them know exactly how much this means to you and that you need to take care of your acne while you are still young so you won't have disfiguring scars like I do at 20 years old (on top of acne)

Good luck and I hope the best for you!

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I'd approach it from a more logical and pragmatic position.

- If you buy the larger bottles, it's pretty cost effective.

- The components of The Regimen are pretty simple. If you don't want to continue with it for some reason, you can still use the cleanser and moisturiser.

- You are not locked in to those automatic shipments or memberships.

- You get access to the board and personalised assistance, if requested.

- Compare the cost of the big kit to the cost of dermatologist and prescription medications costs or co-pays for 4 months. Also, compare the cost of similar products like Neutrogena On-The-Spot with Dan's BP. I think it'll be a lot cheaper on both counts.

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show them this site and the success stories and the simple regimen! it took me a bit to convince myself that this was going to work because after i tried proactive and didnt really work that much...i didnt think this was going to be better! BUT IT IS ITS THE BEST! :) im so happy that i can finally use something that works....tell your parents that you have been using the retin a and erythromicin for months and its not working! i gave up on the dermatologist too..its soo expensive and it didnt help at all my skin!....

well if they say they already spent money on it...tell them that Daniel Kern even gives you the option of using drugstore products soo it has to work.. he doesnt just want to sell you his products but really wants everybody not too have acne! if i had to recommend the Benzoyl peroxide is the most cost effecient bp on market i have seen and its fab...you can get a cheaper gentle cleanser such as purpose gentle cleanser or clear and clear sensitive skin! and use a cheaper mousturizer than dans like cetaphil..im my opinion Dan's mouisturizer and Bp are the best but just give your parents the idea that its not really all much the products that you use but the way you use them and your consistency and this laid out regimen of using alot of Bp(benzoyl peroxide)


update us on how it goes

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