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Neuvo wavo

Accutane cumulative dose over 6-7 months

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Is it true that when it comes to Accutane the effectiveness is due to

cumulative dose? I am doing 6 months at 40mg a day.

I'm a 25 yr old male. I weigh 140 pound/63 kg. So this is coming in just a hair

under the 120mg/per kilo of body weight figure that people cite as the best

cumulative dose for remission.

I am worried that by spreading the treatment out over six months rather than

doing a briefer more intense treatment I wont get the full benefit. I also missed some doses here and there and when I got sick.

I had mild acne and my skin cleared up practically after the first Accutane

pill I took. But my skin has never really gotten super dry; it's just gotten,

well, "normal."

Will I have the same chance for a remission even though I didn't slam my oil

glands with a higher daily dose over a briefer course? Does anyone have any

experience doing a course like this?

I'm so paranoid my acne will come back as soon as I quit Accutane.

I'm so worried that my acne is going to come back.

Thanks for any help or words of advice

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I weigh 157 pounds, and I take 80 mg a day (one at lunch and supper). I used to take 40 mg for the first two weeks.

umm i don't know where i'm going here..

you shouldn't worry about your acne coming back for a long awhile, accutane is a pretty severe pill and will smack around those oil glands at even a low dosage.

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Generally, a longer length of time on accutane will prevent remission. You want

to stay on it 6 months at a decent dose - using super doses for a shorter

period of time will drastically increase side effects and will not be as effective

in the long run

Speak to your derm about it, he should give more concrete reasons why

its a bad idea

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