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Drinking hot/warm water

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Hi, I noticed from the one week of exercising 2hours daily with extreme sweating that I produce much less sebum. !UPDATE! I want to add some more experience here. I suffer from sweaty palms and exercise is the only thing which helped me. Now my palm is nice and warm and dry most times instead of cold and sweaty. My face has also gotten brighter after exercising.

I feel as those who produce sebum are not sweating under normal conditions. You can take notice of this from your daily regime as well. A simple example would be the increase in sebum production(shiny face) after a hot shower or hot face wash. Under normal conditions, ones body should sweat to deal with humidity, but for us, body somehow believes it is already cool. So drinking more water is pointless because there is no dehydration. :doh:

I am not amounting this to the lack of exercise, just normal losing of water. Instead of losing water, body is keeping cool with sebum retaining that water with the help of sodium. Hmm, interesting. Accutane does what exactly? :silenced:

So, from now on(11/29/09), I am going to drink only hot/warm water throughout the day which ?should? induce normal sweating without external exertion but not sure if hot/warm water is the solution.

Also, I want to hear your experiences with hot/warm beverages if any. But nothing coffee/hot chocolate drink related please. :)

My fingers and eyes are very crossed for this one. :wacko:


(11/29/09) - I noticed that I am more thirsty this morning after consuming hot drinks and my urine is much, much lighter. yay!

- I notice a bit of sebum on my T-zone.

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Don't know much about that but Undoubtedly drinking warm water is the best thing you can do it

Aids to keep your stomach clean

bowel movement healthly

It is the only thing which will push excess oil from body through urine..thus help reducing weight and reduce cholestrol

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Hi, just made an update. I believe this had all to do with how body deals/reacts to outside temperature. Is this for real? As simple as this? Holy Moly.

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I've done some research on this before myself. Apparently drinking hot water can help detox the body from toxins. I've tried drinking hot water with lemon during the day and mostly during the morning but I didn't see too much of a difference when it came to my face. It may have helped me in the inside but I didn't see the same reflection on my skin. So I'm not seeing this as some miracle drink, for myself at least. I didn't stick with it that long though. :) Best of luck for you!
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Yes, sadly temperature manipulation from the inside is not helping. It seems physical exertion is required. Sweat it out as they would say. :) But now I have some further understanding.

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I just sprained my ankle and cant fluctuate for the atom in me. I just thought of a good way to still sweat... hot sauna. Since I dont have one at home, I will use my bathroom for 2hours: http://www.ehow.com/how_5591769_turn-bathroom-sauna.html

If you are going to do this, make sure you take a warm shower before and norm temp shower after.

I will update on the progress after a couple of days since Bryan is so picky. one of these days bryan, one of these days... :D


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