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All Aboard the 'tane Train (Choo Choo)

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It's been a loooong road to this point.

You could say that I hit the shitty-skin genetic jackpot. Both of my parents, aged 55 and 67, still have problems with acne and extreme oiliness. This did not bode well for me.

I actually managed to dodge the bullet at first. I made it to about 16 without much more than your typical puberty-related, rite-of-passage, slap-an-oxy-pad-on-it-and-call-it-a-day type stuff. But then, right when everyone else was starting to make it out the other side of the proverbial acne jungle, things really started to get out of hand for me. Since then, my skin has just gotten worse and worse.

I'm now 20 and, to be honest, I'm goddamn tired of this. I've tried everything: pretty much EVERY product in the skincare section of drugstores, proactiv, clinique, some worthless Avon line, multiple antibiotics, zeno, countless Rx topicals, supplements, facials, diet, birth control, spiro, metformin, you name it. Look under my sink and you'll find a graveyard of failed anti-acne products. I don't reuse towels, change my pillowcase constantly, and forbid my boyfriend from touching my face in attempt to cut down on the amount of bacteria my face comes in contact with (really, all this does is create monstrous amounts of laundry for me to do and annoy the boyfriend). Still, my skin looks like shit. And I'm NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!! ( <-- I think this line reads best if you visualize me pounding my chest with crazed eyes.)

Sooo, accutane it is. Like everyone else ever, I had heard so many horror stories about the stuff that I stayed away from it for a while. But, recently, the enormous undergrounders that make their homes on my cheeks have started to scar, and it is. not. cute.

So, while I was home from school for Thanksgiving break I set up an appointment to see my old dermatologist, who, despite having the mannerisms of an overgrown frat boy, is not ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that I have PCOS and need spiro/metformin (despite ovarian ultrasounds from an OB/GYN saying otherwise and the obvious ineffectiveness of said drugs) like the derm I've been seeing for the past year. He was also, most importantly, available. This makes him aces in my book.

Dr. Brosef (as I've named him because of his frattitude) was in the room with me for all of 30 seconds before tossing me a bright yellow iPledge book and a cup to pee in to prove my non-preggoness. Whatever. I came for accutane, not for companionship.

So now I'm suffering through to the longest month of my life. Stupid iPledge. As if, without government intervention, I'd just run out and make a whole bunch of accutane babies because I'm juuuust dying to give birth to some frog-looking mutant spawn.

To make matters worse, my waiting period should be up on Christmas Eve, but obviously that's not going to fly with Dr. Brosef, so I won't be able to actually get my script until he reopens on the 28th. I was hoping this year I could give myself the gift of clear skin (or, more immediately, of chapped lips and achey joints...) but no such luck. I can't say I really blame him for not wanting to interrupt his holiday merriment to test my pee, but I'm still annoyed. I haaaate waiting.

Anyway, after much waffling ("Oh my god, what if someone I know in real life sees this?" ...as if they don't already know I have acne based on the fact that it's on my damn face.) I decided it might be fun to start a log to share my experience with you all and, hopefully, get some advice and support in return. If you managed to get through that giant Wall o' Text, you're a prime candidate. I probably won't have much more to say until I actually pop that first pill, but in the mean time I'd love to hear your words of wisdom. In particular, if anyone can toss me the names of any particularly nice products or supplements I should stock up on (I'm nothing if not a planner :blush:), that'd be lovely.



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I enjoyed your humor!! hehe

I hope everything works out for you!! Sounds like you've been through hell and highwater and need a break!

...I am going to be undergoing an ultrasound in Dec. to see if I have PCOS cuz I am confident I do.

After seeing all these accutane posts I really want to go on it [even with the crazy side effects], but alas have no $$$ for a dermatologist and I don't know how it works. :doh:

Anywho, this is your thread not mine so i'll shut up! XD :shhh:

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Like the previous poster, I also enjoyed your humor. The whole bit about the frog-looking mutant spawn specifically.

A month will go by faster than you think, although in your case, the anticipation might make it unbearable (being a dude, they didn't have to worry about me being pregnant, so I got started right away). I've got a couple of pills left and my next appointment in Tuesday (getting my blood done tomorrow), and they say it really kicks in after the second month, so I certainly hope I'm clear by the time I return to school on January 19th.

Good luck! I'll keep track of this log!

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As if, without government intervention, I'd just run out and make a whole bunch of accutane babies because I'm juuuust dying to give birth to some frog-looking mutant spawn.


Oh I am going through the SAME thing right now. I have been through every. single. product. that has been invented for mankind. So a month or so ago I decided that I'm done. I'll resort to the final solution. The nuclear weapon of the great acne war, Accutane.

I'm fed up with the false miracles that I've been fed and I just want my face to meet its match. So my dermatologist agreed that I should be put on Accutane after so many years and...wait? What?! I have to wait and take a bunch of pregnancy tests?! UGH.


Luckily for me, I just finished my last bloodtest and should be on Accutane within a week or so. Good god I can't wait.

Can't wait to see how it turns out for you too!

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Geeking- Thanks for the compliment! If you have PCOS then Spiro would probably work great for you. For those who it works for, it seems to work really well. It didn't do crap for me except make me feel lethargic and depressed, though. Good luck with the scan, I hope you get some answers!

Kirbatha- Thanks to you too. A month feels like forever. I'm so ready to get past this whole acne chapter of my life. Being forced to wait a month feels like some kind of horrible punishment for being a woman. Stupid iPledge. Stupid uterus.

Anywho, have you seen any progress so far? Good luck with the clear before school thing. Unfortunately for me, I can probably expect my IB juuust in time to start second semester. At a new school, no less (I'm transferring)!

Mercy- Haha, "the nuclear weapon of the great acne war." That's pretty accurate, especially considering that my dermatologist(s) seemed to pore over the decision of whether or not to put me on the 'tane with all the severity of someone about to push the button.

I'm so jealous that you're about to start! Do you have a log or anything so I can see how it goes for you?

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18 more days! To everyone who keeps telling me "don't worry, the time will fly": you are all liars!

Right now I'm in the middle of a finals-related stress meltdown. I took a physics class this semester to fulfill a gen. ed. requirement, which feels like a sick joke to a political science major. I've always seen myself as a pretty intelligent person, but this class has definitely given me a taste of what it must feel like to be really stupid. It's jarring to sit in a room for an hour and not understand anything that is said to you. So I'm studying like a crazy person.

Of course, the stress has made me face look even more like shit than normal. All of this makes it so much harder to be patient.

In other news, yesterday I ran out of cleanser. I went to CVS and elected to buy cetaphil now so that hopefully I'd be set in the cleanser department when ACNE D-DAY rolls around. Pardon me for being crude, but I read on some other log someone mentioning that it looks like semen and.... they did not lie. I'll spare you all from hearing the jokes I spent about an hour making, but I will say that I feel slightly uncomfortable about slathering it on my face twice a day. I'm not sure that this is something I can adjust to, but we shall see.

Wish me luck on tomorrow's physics final from hell.

Until later, pretties.



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What an interesting person! I can tell this is one log I'll need to follow.

Good luck on your physics final! I think I'm also getting the stress-from-finals-induced acne, as tonight is my second all-nighter of the week, and third night that I'm not getting any sleep (the other night was for another reason, I wasn't studying). My face went from good to eww this week. So no need to include me in "pretties." :)

And, you're right, the time probably won't fly by. But when it's all over you'll look probably look back and think that it wasn't so bad.

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Oh, dear.

I completely commiserate with the iPledge madness. I too am in my waiting period. I have a month, since my derm set me up with iPledge yesterday after my first preggo test.

I will be reading your log to see your progress! Here's to clear skin by summer!

EDIT: Oh, and I totally agree about Cetaphil looking like semen.

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I'll spare you all from hearing the jokes I spent about an hour making

Awwww, I love dirty jokes :( PM Please! :lol:

Good luck with getting started on tane though. I personally didn't have a problem with it but seems a lot of people do, especially women. I called in june 30th I think it was and was starting by july 16th.

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Threeeeee days, ya'll!

Oh yeah. And Merry Christmas. Whatever.

Last night Santa brought me four new huge, incredibly painful cysts/nodules on my upper lip. Four, seriously. How is that even possible? Did I rub lard on my upper lip in my sleep or something? And we're not talking little bumps, we're talking huge, angry, inflamed monsters. Merry goddamn Christmas to me, I guess.

Lots of other stuff going on right now, but I don't feel like writing about it. So... that's that.

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Great start to your log!

Looks like we'll be starting Accutane on the same day! The 28th --- totally not ok that Christmas got in the way of us starting Accutane 30 days after the first preggo test. Not cool Jesus!

Can't wait to


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Ah, sincere apologies for forcing you to spill the beans on your acne.org visits. If it makes you feel better, Pedro frequently asks me what I'm typing away at on the computer, and it goes a little something like this:

PEDRO: What are you typing away at on the computer?

ME: Oh, uh, acnoo*cough*orgahem.

P: What?

M: acnoo*splutter*orgahem

P: Acnoo orgasm?! What?!


P: What?

M: What?

P: What are you typing?

M: Oh, uh, *indiscernible whispering*

P: What?!


P: Oh. You're talking to your spotty friends again. What are you writing?

M: Piss off.

P: Show me.

M: Approach and I'll kill you.

I win in the end, but he can look at what I write any time he wants, we just both know he's too lazy to do it on his own time when there's so many soccer stats to be reading up on.

Oh, and if it's semen you're after, Spectro Jel is even more spunklike than Cetaphil, although I'm only familiar with the Cetaphil moisturiser. The Spectro Jel has the exact same consistency. Or so I hear. Obviously I, uh, wouldn't know about that kind of thing myself. Waiting for marriage, of course, waiting for marriage...

Good luck with starting your course. See how the time just flew? Five minutes ago I was reading about how you were having to wait a month, and look where you are just five minutes on.

Keep up the entertainalisationalism. I'll be t-racking your progress, yo.

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:catdance: Tomorrow is the day! :catdance:

Actually, technically, today is the day, since it's after midnight!

T-minus 11 hours until ACNE D-DAY.


Today, I was able to keep my mind off of the building excitement somewhat due to the fact that I got to move. And, oh my, it was fun.

I am transferring from small university in major metropolitan area of current residence (SUIMMAOCR, for those of you who enjoy acronyms) to enormous state university in smallish capitol city of home state (also known as ESUISCCOHS). Both places are currently buried in about a foot of snow. In case this has escaped you, snow is both extremely cold and extremely slick. Neither of these characteristics are conducive to an ideal moving situation.

Boyfriend and I are moving into a top-floor apartment in a building without elevators. Now seriously reevaluating whether cathedral ceilings are worth carrying 50 pound boxes up a gazillion flights of stairs.

Also, I have noodle arms. Noodle arms and acne. :-* Hi boys.

Speaking of acne, I'm sure you'll all be psyched to hear that the zit moustache is still goin' strong. It's really a thing of beauty... I'll be sure to include a nice close-up when I put up tomorrow's day-one photos.

Here's hoping Dr. Brosef didn't fuck up my iPledge. Toodle-loo, beauties.



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Hiya, I'm a long time lurker and a long time acne sufferer. I've decided to take the plunge and go on accutane. I'm starting tomorrow (Tuesday)!! I was just reading some logs on this site and was amazed by yours; I love all the sarcasm and smart comments :razz: . You seem like an interesting person so I'll be following your log for sure, good luck with your treatment and wish me luck with mine!

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Day 2

Big thanks to everyone who's left kind words to me so far. I really sincerely appreciate all of your support... us spotty people have to stick together, afterall. :wub:

Anyway, I guess I'm a horrible log-keeper, being as I neglected to chronicle my first damn day. Sorry for breaking your hearts, ya'll.

My first day was about as exciting, 'tane-wise, as all previous non-'tane days. Despite my hopes that two hours post-pill all of my spots would shrivel up and fall off, no such luck. My lips and hands felt pretty dry by the end of the night, but I suspect that had more to do with the fact that I spent all day toting boxes through 10 degree wind (moving day part deux) than the accutane.

Boyfriend and I are now moved into the new apartment in the sense that all of our belongings are physically in the apartment, but I still have what feels like an insurmountable amount of unpacking to do. Le sigh.

The bad news is that my camera battery is dead and my charger for it is somewhere in the mountain of boxes crowding my dining room. So, no official first (or second) day pictures. I fear that my kickin' rad moustache might be gone by the time I find it. Alas.

Since I don't really have anything exciting to report regarding my course, I want to use this space to ask all of you seasoned accutane pros a question. I've noticed lots of people in their logs mentioning that they stop feeling like they need to wash their hair everyday during their course. All the power to you crazy dirty people, but I feel like a complete hobo if I don't shower every day. So would it be ok if I continued to do that, or would that dry my shit out like the Sahara? Please advise.

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I've noticed lots of people in their logs mentioning that they stop feeling like they need to wash their hair everyday during their course. All the power to you crazy dirty people, but I feel like a complete hobo if I don't shower every day. So would it be ok if I continued to do that, or would that dry my shit out like the Sahara? Please advise.

I personally shower every day but I don't wash my hair every day. I don't get anything too nasty in my hair on a regular basis so I don't think shampooing every day is a must while on tane.

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Wow, Rich 213 just stole the words right out of my mouth. Or fingers. Just to seem better, let it be known that I occasionally shower twice a day (but still no hair washing).

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Day 4

Still no side effects to speak of. I'm beginning to think my accutane is faulty or something. I guess I'm thirsty quite a bit, but I'm not sure if that's my imagination or not.

Right now I have a huuuuuge active on my chin that is way past that the point at which I would have normally squeezed it. It makes me mad when I look at it. Not just because it's ugly (which is is), but because it's like it's taunting me. We both know your days are numbered, giant zit. Soon accutane will bring you a painful and inelegant death. But the damn thing just keeps growing and growing just to spite me. I am going to call it Pimple's Last Stand.

Anyway, I might break the cardinal rule of accutane and squeeze that little bastard later tonight if it hasn't gone down any by the time I'm ready to go out for New Years Eve. Hopefully I won't end up in the ER with massive blood loss or something.

Oh, also, here's my current routine, for those of you who are interested. I'll also be putting it in my signature:


-wash face with Purpose gel (I forgot to mention, but I decided Cetaphil didn't make me feel clean enough)

-apply Clinique "Moisture Surge" moisturizer


-take 40mg Claravis


-take fish oil, biotin, glucosamine/condroitin, and vitamin e


-wash face with Purpose gel

-remove eye make-up with Almay moisturizing remover pads

-apply Cetaphil "DailyAdvance" ultra-hydrating lotion

Plus constant slathering of aquaphor on my lips.

One last thing. I'm determined to find my camera before I go out tonight, so I should have pictures up tomorrow.

Hope all of your nights are splendid!



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Hello tane twinnie. :)

I don't feel any side effects either! But I think my skin texture is better. Maybe it's cause I don't use harsh acne products anymore or tane is actually working!

Everything on my face is coverable with makeup. YAY. Hopefully it just gets better!

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Day 6

Still not feeling dry or achey or anything like that. I'm a bit more tired and thirsty than usual, and I keep blowing my nose and finding little chunks of blood (gross), but otherwise I feel pretty pre-'tane normal. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up one morning (err... afternoon. Hey, it's break) and Mr. Claravis will just kick me in the face, but that hasn't happened yet. Maybe my skin is just so oily that even accutane is no match for it? Who knows....

In other news, we're almost done moving into the new apartment. I suck at moving. I always end up spending like a week in the process, instead of just buckling down and spending an entire day or two doing it. Don't get me wrong, we've been living in the apartment, just in a general state of chaos and disarray. Now, it almost looks like a place that two civilized humans could live in. Hooray!

I'm watching Food Network right now, so I'll leave you all with this parting thought: Bobby Flay is an unbearable douche. If I was famous for some special dish and that idiot came to my town, looking all smug, soooo sure that he could do anything better than anyone else, I would punch him right in the mouth. I can't stand that guy. And I love the fact that he loses his "challenges" like 9/10s of the time.

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