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Alright, so I've been using the DKR for about a week now, and so far, everything is good. I haven't had any insane redness or flaking (thanks to the AMAZING jojoba oil) and my skin is starting to even out!!

I just had one quick question about the AHA. I ordered this product as well just so I would have some for later, but the other day, I just wanted to see if it would work. I just put about a pea size amount on a big pimple I just got, and in the morning, there was nothing wrong, no irritation or anything. The pimple had actually decreased in size, and redness.

I know Dan says to wait until you're about 4 weeks into the reigmen to start using the AHA, but I wanted to see if it was okay to continue using it since it isn't irritating my skin.

Let me know what you think!!! :pray:

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I'd still suggest waiting, especially if you intend to use it in place of your moisturizer occasionally. Irritation doesn't always present itself right away, so you have to be careful.

I'm glad it seems to be working for you as a spot treatment, but until you've been on The Regimen for a full month and your skin is totally adjusted to the full amount of BP, I'd hold off on the AHA for anything other than occasional spot-treating.

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Agree with c'est. Spot-treatment with AHA is probably okay right now since that's just a small area on your face, but I would strongly recommend waiting for your skin to adapt to large amounts of BP before you start using AHA all over.

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Thanks for the great replies! I'm not using the AHA as an all over moisturizer yet (I didn't even know you could). But I'll definately wait to start doing that for a month.

Thanks again for the tips!!!

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do u guys think its okay to use AHA every night in place of reg moisturizer if iv been on the reg for 3 months? My skin is not sensitive at all, but do you think it will be too harsh for sure?

I'd suggest starting out by using it two or three times a week for a while. Then, if that goes well, you can start using it every other day. Personally, I don't recommend using it every day, because AHA is pretty strong, and you don't need to exfoliate every, single day.

No matter how often you choose to use it, make sure you use sunscreen any time you'll be exposed to sunlight (even on cloudy days) for at least a week after any AHA use.

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