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OK, so I have had moderate acne for years now, lately its been particularly bad because I really notice it now (in a self-conscious way) so its taking a huge hit on my internal confidence but also on my external appearance as I have pretty much become addicted to picking at my acne to get rid of it faster, HORRIBLE IDEA! I have ugly acne scars that are getting worse and worse with time because I continuously pick my skin to death, to be dead honest my acne has never been bad (as in severe) but it has been consistent to the point where I get blackheads, whiteheads, and even large inflamed red zits (bumps) on a weekly basis. I would like to be acne free to start the rebuilding process for my scars, without the worry of creating more scars, I am working on getting the rid of the bad habits I have created over the last year but I would like some feedback on my current regimen to clear up the acne on my face. Here is what I am doing based on the advice of my dermatologist and some things I have read on the internet.

-I use a Prascion Sodium sulfacetamide sulfur cleanser (for almost 2 years now)

-I am taking Solodyn, an anti-acne pill (for 1 week now) before that I was taking doxycycline twice a day (for 3 or 4 months)

-I use Ziana gel nightly (for the last month and a half)

-I use cetaphil as a moisturizer

-I wash my face twice a day (once in the morning, once at night)

- I use queen helene mint julep masque once a week to help the appearance of my face

- I take zinc supplements (50 mg), and vitamin B complex daily to help with the inflammation.

- I have a pretty bad diet, considering I am always out and my parents own a mexican restaurant, any foods I should purposely try to avoid?

-since im in college I tend to drink when I go to parties (im trying not to go out at all to reduce the effects of alcohol on my skin, it isnt really making a difference) when I do drink I just notice I get extremely dehydrated, thus causing my existing acne to surface

Im a 21 year old hispanic male, with brown skin, I live in san diego ca, a mild, somewhat humid climate. I have oily skin (not extremely oily however) and I do have tend to have common stress in my life with tests, work, friends, girls, etc.. My scars and acne are killing my confidence, so much that I do not even like to go out with friends because I am embarrassed of the way I look, I catch myself observing and admiring the clear gentle skin of my peers and tend to get angry that I can not have this as well.

I am going to argentina in February to study abroad for 6 months. I want to get a $300 dollar deep chemical peel on my skin before I leave (beg of january) yet I want to get rid of my acne before I get it, as it would be a waste to simply pick at my skin again after I get it and have it go back to the way it was. The dermatologist I go to recommends two peels to get fully rid of the scars I currently have (but Im pretty sure Ill be fine with one), which is fine, but I am in college and I dont exactly have 300 dollars to shell out before and after a 6 month stay in a foreign country, so I need to be sure this is a good idea.

Any comments, suggestions, experiences, questions, concerns, advice etc. would be GREATLY appreciated.


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First I would get rid of the "Prascion Sodium sulfacetamide sulfur cleanser" not needed. CREAMS stop/slow down acne not CLEANSERS. In the morning wash your face with soap free oil free GENTLE cleanser like cetaphil or olay then put on your lotion and at nite rinse your face with water and put on your Ziana cream. I recommend Finacea cream during the day to deal with discoloration and slow down acne it works wonders. You can by the generic Melazepalm from vitamin shoppe.


Since you say you get large inflamed red bumps weekly it warrants taking big doses of vitamin a IU. I recommend 10,000 - 25, 000 IU for about 2/3 months to see whats happens you can buy them at vitamin shoppe. If you see results keep it up while slowly decreasing your IU amounts. Too much Vit-A over long amount of time isnt good for body.

If you feel your Ziana isnt working try the prescription drugs Tazorac, Retin-A all can be bought generic online, or Dans Regimen. But be gentle on your face and limit what you put on it. Good luck.

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