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Is Spiro safe to take w/o doctor supervision?

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I just read some good things about Spiro. I wanted to give it a try because my breakouts are usually in the chin and jawline, therefore, I think it's hormonal acne. I dont have insurance and was considering buying this online? Is this safe? I have a dermatologist I regularly go to but I am not sure if he will be able to prescribe this? Any response will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Acne influenced by hormone imbalances is not directed on one area of your face. The acne can be anywhere, any shape/size, ect. About 98% of people with acne is caused by hormones. Spiro is a very good drug for acne. To answer your question, please do not take spiro without a docs supervision. It can cause an increase of potassium levels. This can ruin your heart, and cause a heart attack: which can very well kill you. Do not buy the prescriptions online. The prescription may say spiro, but it may not have anything to do with spiro. It might not contain any spiro, or it might have extremely large amounts of spiro. Never buy drugs online. Derms are able to prescribe this, they will just need to do a blood test every once in a while to check your potassium level. Good Luck.

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