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Question about the acne.org bp

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I used to use pro activ 3 step system for 2 years and it did wonders for my skin. However, it got to a point where i really couldn't afford it anymore. I eventually found a poor man's version of pro activ by buying the the bp cleanser, non-alcoholic toner, and 2.5% bp cream from the grocery store. I've been using the poor man's version for a year now and the results have been comparable to pro activ. I do notice more breakouts with my poor man's version when compared to pro activ but nothing for me to cry about.

The store bought bp cleanser and non alcoholic toner seemed to be working great, but the 2.5% bp cream (neutrogean on the spot treatment .75 oz) isn't that great.

My question is, do you think acne.org 2.5 treatment is comparable to the pro activ 2.5%?

Any advice would be helpful :)

Thanks in advance

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Yes. If I remember correctly (I used ProActive off and on for a few years) the ProActive BP is somewhat of a gel.

The acne.org BP is very similar in consistency (unless ProActive has changed since I last used it in 2007) and it absorbs insanely well. BP creams just suck. From the ones I've used, they can leave a lot of white residue and feel a lot more sticky.

I'd say give the acne.org one a try. It's not godly, but it's pretty damn good and if the ProActive stuff worked for you, then Dan's BP should probably work, too.

My only complaint is the giant "Acne.org" labeling. I peel mine off so I'm not advertising acne gel the world.

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Hi there!

I'm an old Proactiv user - I used it for years until I switched to Dan's products - and if you liked Proactiv's BP gel - you'll love Dan's BP even BETTER. I wrote a huge review to someone on here about how much better Dan's BP is than Proactiv's...I used to load Proactiv's BP on my face - and towards the end (before I switched to Dan's) I noticed that the Proactiv's BP was bleaching my eyebrows YELLOW. So when I put BP on (Proactiv's BP) I'd have to totally avoid my eyebrows - which sounds easier than you think.

However - with Dan's BP - I get wayyy more BP than in Proactiv's system AND it's the same strength (2.5) PLUS - Dan's BP does NOT dye my eyebrows (or hair) whatsoever. Which tells me that there is something in the Proactiv BP that is NOT good for your skin. Versus Dan's.

So have no fear!!! Definitely try Dan's BP. It's great. You'll love it (speaking from an old Proactiv user!!!)

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