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Sclerolysis (dissolving of scar tissue) and Bee Venom

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Sclerolysis - bee venom therapy for scars

Leo Roy, M. D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"Bee Venom is purported to be useful for the removal of scar tissue..."


"While living in NY City, I fell into a pothole in 1992 on the corner of Christopher Street and 7th Ave. I tore all the ligaments in my right thumb and it was no longer attached to the body other than the skin. I had surgery to repair the thumb and fully recovered use of my thumb, but I was left with a very ugly scar ever since, about 14 years already. I stung the scar once this summer and here is photo proof that bee venom does dissolves scars. I proved to myself that bee venom does in fact dissolve scars, and since Multiple Sclerosis is just Multiple Scars, it can be reversed. Notice that the train track look of my scar is completely gone, as is the overall look of the scar. I believe if I sting the scar a few more times, it will be entirely erased. THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT DOCTORED!"


"Dissolve Scars With Bee Stings : Bee venom contains hyaluronidase, which attacks scar tissue and dissolves it. In bee venom therapy, or sclerolysis, a therapist mixes venom with a saline solution or sterile water. The therapist targets sensitive or painful areas of the scar and makes several injections across the surface of the scar. Even people allergic to bees still benefit from the therapy, but the therapist takes precautions to prevent an allergic reaction. Some therapists place live bees on the body to direct bee stings to the scar area."


Caution: One should exercise caution if using bee venom in any form due to potential allergic reaction which can cause anaphylaxis.

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I wondered about bee stings for acne scars a few years ago, but I couldn't find any info on this.

So this does dissolve scar tissue, but will it work on pitted scars?

If the scar tissue is dissolved, what guarantees that new collagen will fill in the scar?

It could turn out like Serrapeptase where scar tissue does seem to be dissolved as well, but no scar filling takes place and you end up with scars looking worse

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Well I cant find my thread (I guess it was deleted) so I guess I'll jump into this one.

I've been doing a lot of reserch. Bee's dont have to die to get the venom we need.

w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=SGQso0dWwy8

Pretty straight forward and the bees dont die. The power is called Apitoxin.

I hope this thread isn't deleted.

If a person is interested in this. They need to know that they should go to their doctor first and get an allergy test to see if they are allergic, and even if they are they can go to an allergist and that person can treat them so they wont be as allergic. Don't be a dum-dum. You could die from a single sting if you are allergic. Very serious. See a doctor first.

I guess the ideal thing would be to find a online dealer who sells the raw powder- to find the right mix ratio using a medical grade sterile saline carrier, and then to inject it into the scar tissue.

Would be best to work this out with a Doctor- until you know how to do it yourself correctly. Bee venom is no joke, and it can be deadly in small doses to 1% of the population.

I hope some of you people try it. I plan to do so, but I'm still hunting for a safe source for the powder. I found a BVT in my area, but I want to use the powder in a carrier- no bees will die that way and I wont pay as much in the end. Besides some bee's have dirty barbs that can causes infections. I read something about a little boy getting stung on his penis and the wound went gangrene and it had to be removed. Using a sterile syringe will aid in eliminating an infection

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