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Sat at home with huge cyst on cheek when should be at a party :(

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Have had 3 large cysts on my cheeks this week - they come up, grow to the size of a thumb nail and sit there for 3 or 4 days. They look more like blisters. Then, when I can't cope with the pain and ugliness of it any more I make a small hole in them and they drain. I can tell I will be left with 3 more scars to add to my collection.

I just feel like my face is looking too scarred now to go out in public. I can make my hair nice, dress up nicely but I can't hide my face any more. I'm not going to social events and am dreading christmas because of this.

I feel so depressed. My boyfriend admits that he can see my scars (there's no point lying to me)but says that 'they're the last thing people would notice if they were asked to describe me'.

I feel that at 35, any good looks I did have have disappeared.

And all because of LITHIUM. It's meant to keep me 'stable' emotionally but really, this is surely making me more depressed.

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I know cysts can be depressing and really annoying to deal with. I have plenty as we speak! :( The best thing would really be to just let them do their own thing and not pop them at all. I know that it's really tempting to just get rid of them though!

Do you currently have any regimen to fight the acne or the scars?

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Hi Mercy

Thank you for your reply.

I currently use tea tree cleansing facial wash in the morning and evening. I use Duac Cream at night (clindamycin and bp). I've recently started using Jojoba oil to moisturise, athough I'm wondering if this might have been the cause of the recent outbreak. I had heard it was good for reducing sebum levels.

It seems that whichever regimen I use (and I've tried everthing!) it doesn't work because I keep taking the Lithium and it keeps causing acne.

I've had lots of fraxel in the past but that only works to a certain extent

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I've tried all of that myself and none of it seemed to really help the cysts. The Duac seemed to help reduce any of my smaller zits like the whiteheads and such, but not the cysts. I also found that it made my face pretty dry.

Some people rave about Jojoba oil for acne but I'm really not that sure. I think it's great for dry skin. I've used it on my legs before and they were really soft and smooth. My acne though...it didn't seem to help at all. Maybe it would help if you just used a simple non-comedogenic moisturizer.

The Lithium could be the cause too. Gotta love medication and its random side effects.

The problem is there are just so many different factors that can lead to acne and everyone is so different. Even something simple like drinking lots of orange juice could add to your cysts. (At least, I know that I had the worst cystic breakout ever from drinking lots of OJ.)

Don't let it get you down too much though! Still try to enjoy all of the parties! And maybe ask your dermatologist if you should switch to other products. :)

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