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Herbal Tea for Harmonal Acne (Cyst and Nodules)

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I'm in in my early 30's and I had been suffering from acne for past 7 years. Tried everything possible that's on the market, used prescription medications but no cure. I was told by Dermatologists and my gynecologist that it was due to too much hormone production in my body.

Recently I discovered about Dandelion tea and decided to give it a try. In two weeks my skin has cleared up completely. I have also been using Green Tea along with Dandelion tea (organic) 3-4 times a day. I have also stopped using all kinds of moisturizer, I only use JOJOBA Oil (organic). Anyone out there suffering from similar problems please try this and see if it works for you.

Teen acne I would highly suggest using JOJOBA oil instead of other moisturizers. I also use C0-Q10 (olive vitale by orgene organics) face wash.

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I'm a huge tea lover. I've tried pretty much every kind out there...but not dandelion tea! It sounds rather interesting and now I'm going to have to go find some! If it doesn't help my acne, at least I'll get to add a new type of tea to my collection haha.
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Great to hear the tea worked for you :) for me, I've been drinking nettle leaf. I personally like the taste and also I think it helped clear up my skin. Maybe just a coincidence with the other things I use, but hey I'll keep drinking it.

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