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Recurring acne

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I'm troubled with recurring acne at each side of my cheekbones, near the ears. Guessed it might be due to sensitive skin on that area so I tried not to sleep on my side but they still reoccurs. And now I'm getting more troubled because it seems that my acne is getting worse on the right side of my face which is strange! And I notice that on the left side of my face, the acne are clearing faster than the right side. And so I'm left with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation all over my right cheek which bothers me a lot :cry:

Currently I'm using a product for acneic skin and on top of that I'm also using a beauty massager that has FIR (far infrared rays which is supposedly good for fast healing and skin health) and germanium (fights off anti radicals). My skin texture has improved generally (fairer, smoother,dewy) but the acne still persists on the afore mentioned areas! I'm really satisfied with my unaffected skin areas but what should i do with the affected areas?

I'm thinking of trying a diet care plan. Can someone share with me some of the diets that will really help for the acne problem?


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Hello! I've got exactly the same Acne as you have and I'm just about to start a new regime to see if it helps. The right of my Cheek has less acne then my left and I think it usually happens due to me mostly sleeping on my left side. I can only suggest sticking with what your doing and seeing if it gets better in a few eeks time.

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