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Foundation can be pretty tricky. I used to use a Clinique foundation because I liked how thick it was when it came to covering my acne. It also didn't seem to break my skin out.

Recently, however, I switched to Dermalogica's foundation. It never, ever breaks me out. It's more of a creamy foundation that blends into the skin. Sooo I have to use a little bit more so it covers up my zits and red marks. I also like to use a mineral foundation over it so my face doesn't look as oily.

Looking at this list, the mineral foundations may be good. I've also been curious to try the NARS and the Giorgio Armani. I have no idea what the Armani foundation is like for acne prone skin...but I've heard that it has amazing coverage.

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I just replied in another thread about Revlon Colorstay. Basically I really like the coverage...I have some lingering red marks on my face and I think it does a pretty good job of concealing them. Only thing is, I've been breaking out this past week and I'm not yet sure if it's from the make up or not.

I've used my sister's Clinique Even Better a couple times and while the color matched my skin great (always tricky to find a match for me) I always thought that it dried my skin out a little too much. After I had put it on my face I could see dry marks/scaliness. I haven't used it enough to be able to tell if it broke me out or not, but it seems to work well on my sister.

So, I suppose I may be in the market for a new foundation as well!

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I love lancome teinte idole, it is very light and looks very natural. I also love that you can keep layering over if you need more coverage and it still looks good. I have not had any problems with this makeup and it lasts all day

Prescriptive virtual skin is good, and looks very natural. However this makeup does not last all day, just the slightest bit of sweat, tear, or water will make it run. And you will need concelear for extra coverage. But this foundation is nice.

Revlon colorstay i havent used since they changed it long ago. I used it about 6 years ago. And i still remember how it looked on me and it was amazing. It had excellent coverage and did not cause further breakouts. However the new colorstay or from what i read when it changed long ago on makeup alley is that it isnt as great as it use to be. But if i were to go back to drugstore it would be this one or loreal perfect match.

I know a lot of people love this foundation but i don't. My skin was the worst using this and its concelear, Estee Lauder double wear. I had a horrible breakout for a long time with this, and got pimples all over my face. :( Although the finish is amazing and had great coverage, i would not go back to this foundation.

Bare minerals is a good foundation every once in awhile, if you have dry skin right now because of winter i would not get it. But if your skin isn't this is a great foundation, it gives good coverage and lasts all day. And if you need more, then you just keep layering. This foundation does look natural. However i do not like the bare minerals package, the veil powder makes me breakout and the warmth is too dark, but does not irritate my skin.

hopefully this answered your question about the foundations. I have never been a fan of clinque b/c almost all of their products has caused irritation to my skin.

I don't know if nars and bobbi brown are acne friendly but hear they are good too.

Laura mercier i would love to try bc i hear it has a nice sheer finish.

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Nope! Not the tinted moisturizer. Dermalogica makes something called 'Treatment Foundation'. :) It has more coverage than a moisturizer and is actual makeup. I still like to use a mineral foundation over it though so I get extra coverage. I think the mineral foundation I use is by L'Oreal.

I was able to get the Treatment Foundation in sample form for free so I could try it first. Maybe you could too!

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Teint Idole Ultra is AWESOME. I use a foundation brush to put it on and it covers up fairly well, and oddly enough I seem to break out even more when I -don't- use it. I top mine off with Nars loose powder and only need to touch up the powder every 3 hours or so to keep from getting greasepit face...which, for me, is pretty miraculous (as a benchmark, Colorstay was looking gross on me in an hour).

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your welcome dw4518, i have spent a lot of money and time on finding the best makeup. I have to say that is why i work. So i can use the money on trying new products, but i have stopped since i found lancome. Now iam on the hunt for good mascara and eye makeup that doesn't irritate my eyes or skin.

And i agree with Purple Penguin that you need to apply this with a foundation brush for better results. Everytime before i use the brush i run it under water and wipe it with a klenex (toliet tissue actually) a few times until there is no old foundation left. And i have never had a problem.

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I used L'oreal Cashmere Perfect for years. It was a miracle for my skin, got rid of cystic acne on my cheeks. Brilliant product that made my skin MUCH better but not clear at all. L'oreal doesn't make it anymore so I need new make up. I tried to survive without make up but no can do!!!

Does anyone here use Revlon's New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup??? This is the close in texture to Cashmere Perfect. I wonder if it would be okay to use it. I can find Revlon's Color Stay foundation here, these ones:

ColorStay® Makeup With SoftFlex SPF 6 - Combination/Oily Skin

ColorStay Activeâ„¢ Light Makeup With SoftFlexâ„¢ SPF 25 - All Skin Types

ColorStay® Makeup With SoftFlex™ SPF 12 - Normal/Dry Skin

Any suggestions? Can I use any of these while on the regimen???

Thanks in advance!

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I love Faerie Organic mineral makeup. It's coverage is about medium, but it feels great on, and never breaks me out. In fact, I feel like it helped my skin clear up due to the boron nitride.

Recently I switched to Silk Naturals mineral makeup because I heard silk powder is good for the skin, and it is a cheaper alternative to Faerie Organic.

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