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From prescription to natural regime, then these whiteheads

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So I'm currently switching from Benzoyl face wash 10% and clindamycin to an all natural gentle face regime and vitamins. The perscription regime helped but I still needed makeup and the quality of my skin was pretty dull. I have mild/moderate acne. I would love to go all natural but I don't really have the patience or the faith. I'm taking a multivitamin, 1000mg vitamin C, fish oil, this grape seed thing and a really nutrients/healing/moisture based face wash and toner. Day 3 and I'm getting a lot of little white heads, nothing major to piss me off totally yet. Should I take the whiteheads as a good sign? A detoxing/impurities coming out period? Or is that just bullshit and it's still acne and the regime is not working. Any advice from those natural regimes users out there? I want to be one of you! I have a lot of scars to be healing, prescriptions don't really help with skin quality despite a good moisturizer.

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Ehhh it's hard to say right now. I've done the entire "switch to natural because I'm fed up with stupid crap that doesn't work" thing...though now I'm back at the dermatologist again.

Frustrating, huh?

Well! It's pretty hard to judge after only 3 days. Your skin will have to get used to this new regime. Just give it a bit more time and keep us posted! Either way, the vitamins most likely wouldn't hurt the acne. I have no idea about the new face wash and toner you use. :)

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Hi Cornelia :)

You should not have to deal with whiteheads...it seems like you're disrupting your skin's PH balance with your chemical based cleanser and moisturizer...

Why don't you try the following natural remedy:

1. Only cleanse your face gently with natural sea salt (and other times water only)

2. Apply Alum mineral salt based crystal deodorant to your face to protect your skin from acne causing bacteria after washing

3. Apply a gently natural oil to your skin like jojoba oil, almond oil or macadamia oil

Some people have also found 500mg of B3 daily helpful...but don't take any more because it's highly potent and larger doses are bad for the liver...

Here are some articles that might be helpful to you...








AquaSea :)

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cool, thanks you guys. I think either it's helping a lot or my skin is finally decided to be nice to me because I'm not having any intense acne problems without any acne treatment (besides the vitamins). The white heads don't get big before they shrink again and my skin is a lot softer and healthier. Hopeful the trend continues. I'm using Usana Sense products. They're a health company that does the vitamins too so hopefully my skin will just "heal" from all the nutrients and I can stop wearing makeup. That's the dream right there, not having to fake a layer of skin. Please skin, just be good to me, keep clearing up. If I still have whiteheads in a couple of weeks I suppose I'll go back to the derme. I'll try to clean up my diet too because I really want this to work!

(aquasea, thanks for the links, I'll definitely go through them. I used to do sea salt but I had a bad habit of scrubbing too hard but I think I'll try the rest also mercyunbound your hair looks awesome, I'm growing mine out too)

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