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So ive been using Trentinoin .025% CREAM for a while (11 weeks). i havent noticed any difference in amount of acne. it just makes me get a LOT of tiny whiteheads. ive since learned that the cream can be pore clogging. (It also made my skin bleached white after continued use.)(wtf?) should i quit it? i have moderate acne. lots of scarring.

should i quit the trentinoin?


Cetaphil antibacterial [bar] wash

Nutrogena moisturizer for sensative skin

some wierd sulfer perscription treatment works pretty well



Trentinoin cream .025% ( DONT USE CREAM!!!!!!)


//////its been a couple days now since i quit retin-a, and i have ZERO new pimples/acne/whiteheads, my skin is returning to its normal (healthy) color.

the scars look slightly worse but theres no new acne to form new scars! :]/////


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Come to think of it, i get much worse acne on the side of my face that i sleep on.. lately its been the left, and the left has been worse. when i slept on my right side, the right side of my face was worse..

wonder if the retin-a (only thing on my face at night besides a lil bit of polysporin in my holes*Wink*)

is what is causing this? theres one way to find out ;]

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I didn't get clear until week 13. By clear I mean the war zone my face became when starting Retin A calmed down. Weeks 15 through 17 I started breaking out again, but not nearly as bad as I did through my IB. Now I am on week 21 and pretty much flawless again. My advice is stick with it, but bump the dosage.

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I have been using Retin a for about 4 months and I have the same problem. I still break out, ant now i just get tons of really small zits that come to a head really quickly. It hasn't done anything to my blackheads and like you, the side of my face i sleep on is bad wheras the rest of my face isn't. I change my pillowcase and sheets alot too. Retin a sucks.

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;[ shit

Brazzy did the breakouts you get scar?

mine always do ;/

maybe its just my skin type (white/ southern european)

but yea they've been coming to a head really quickly.. ;/

i stopped using retin-a (cream) gona go to the derm soon. but il try the regimen for a month first.

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