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Acne is really ruining my life...

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Okay, I am recovering from the worst breakout of my life, brought upon by myself. I tend to overwash and pick at my face, which I know is absolutely horrid. Anyways, I am starting birth control (Ortho Tri Cyclen) as well as spiro mid december. Also, I am trying to cure my acne through diet, as I am giving up dairy products (thus making myself a vegan) and giving up coffee, replacing it with green tea. I would classify my acne as severe, as right now I have four active cysts, and whiteheads covering basically my entire face. My forehead usually never breaks out, but the past two weeks it has and that is really depressing me. I haven't left my house in four days currently because of this, and I'd really like my acne to be livable within the next two months. I was on differin in the past, and that actually did wonders for my skin. However, I have been off of it for a year now because of a lack of insurance. I am going to the derm on december 19th and decided it is worth the 160 or so since this is absolutely ruining my life.

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I am truly sorry that you are having such a rough time. :comfort: It is hard to go backwards as you see it, when it comes to acne. Keeping yourself indoors will make you more miserable. Just think about it.

If you have friends who love you, why would they think of you any differently because you are breaking out? If you are essentially still *you*, why should it matter? I know it's incredibly difficult to move past, but start out slow. Invite a trusted friend over and you'll see how much clear skin or cyst covered skin do not matter. Friendship is way more than that.

Good luck with your dermatologist appointment. I am a bit confused as to why your dermatologist would put you on both a birth control pill and Spiro, which is basically a birth control pill without the...birth control. Just the hormones. haha.

Keep us updated! <3

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