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Hello all,

I just wanted to let you know my experience with the dermaroller. I developed some pretty bad acne in my first year of university (7 years ago). I tried numerous things: microdermabrasion (4), vitalize peel (7), obagi (1), and an unknown laser that has left dark marks on my forehead.

Last year I finally had some luck. Randomly searching for derms in Vancouver I found a place called Reviva. Dr. Ngi (spelling?) was the first doctor that showed me results. He started me with the 0.5mm dermaroller for my first roll then the 1.0mm for two sessions, and finally the 1.5mm for 3 sessions combined with individual needling and saline injections. The results were great. I would say atleast 50% reduction in the scarring but unfortunately the color didnt improve.

I now use the 2.0mm dermaroller on my own (I live in Toronto now) and have used it twice with absolutely incredible results. The scarring has reduced about another 25% perhaps more. The extreme hyperpigmentation I had has also reduced significantly. I think the key for me is to keep the area moist for a week after I roll. I noticed that when I didnt use the ointment (catrix 10) that my skin would respond in a really strange way- really hard, dry and larger pores. I'm not sure if its possible to promote excess collagen but for the first time I have a raised pimple-looking mark (I'm pretty sure its not a zit). I hope its not a keloid???

Anyway, thats all from me, I justed wanted you all to know that improvement is defintely possible, but you have to be persistent and consistent.

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dixon09

Catrix????? does it go on "heavy", I noticed it has petroleum in it??? I'm looking

for something that is moisturizing with anti-inflamatory properties (like EMU oil),

but not heavy.

Maybe when you have time you can detail what you're doing in between rolls............. topicals,

leds, time frames, chicken soup.......... etc. I'm always trying to improve on what I'm doing.

great report , thanks

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Hi scoobie_do,

Yes, the ointment is quite heavy and in addition it smells a little weird. But it really works for me. It has to be applied thick, so I typically only use it at night. My routine between rolls is pretty simple. I take in oral vitamin C (3x1000mg daily- evenly spread with meals) and apply the ointment twice per day. Thats it. I used to use a vitamin C cream in addition but really saw no improvement from it. I have a pretty clean diet (I workout alot) that is VERY high in protein (300+ grams) and a lot of water. This past roller session was the first time I saw a visible reduction in redness- I thought my improvement had tapped out from the dermaroller, but this gives me incredible hope that I can get to almost 100%. I was pretty aggressive this time and spend atleast 15 minutes per cheek as opposed to 15 minutes for my whole face. I ordered an red LED light (660nm), but its been 3 weeks and still no show.

Best of luck,

P.S: I roll every 4 weeks. But will likely wait 6 weeks this time.

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