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dermatlogists how where when??

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Hi everyone am new on here.

Just interested to find out who has been to a dermatologist?

Did you get refrred to one by your GP or did you find one off your own back?

I have had acne since I was 15 (26 nearly now) so about 11 years have suffered with it.

I have tried soo much stuff off my GP in the past and none of it ever worked!

I finaly went on Dianette as a contraceptive and acne treatment and it worked wonders!

I then fell pregnant on it, had lovely skin through my preganancy and almost a year to the day after the birth of my daughter its back!!

Went back to GP and he has put me on tetralysal and also a night gel.

I have been on this for a month and no improvement, infact it's worse!

Going back on dianette is not an option for me.

The GP wants to see me 2 months time to see if it has worked.

If it does not work, which I don't think it is, can I asked to be referred to a dermo????

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Have you tried Tazorec, Retin-A, or Finacea? These 3 medicines usually help the most for average acne sufferer and can all by bought generic online. Finacea worked best for me.


I also recommend taking a high vitamin-A dose for a few weeks to see what happens such as 10,000 IU daily Vit-A really slows down acne. Anyhow good luck.

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