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What to use instead of BP?

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Never had a problem with BP, since I've been using Proactive for a while.

But.........my doctor put me on straight BP for a year instead of Proactive and it worked wonders...then about a month ago I developed an allergy.


So I want to try the Regimen...but...I can't use the BP or I get hives BIG TIME. Is there anything I can use instead of BP or am I just plain out of luck?

Thanks. :)

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You could try using tea tree oil, as low a concentration as you can find (check a natural/health foods store). I think it will take you a lot of experimentation to figure out the right amount to use, but even if you can't get it to work as an all-over treatment, it will still be a decent spot treatment.

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I've been using tea tree oil for the last year or so in replacement of BP, and while I still break out a bit, it's no more than when I was using BP. BUT, since stopping BP, my skin tone has evened out dramatically. BP always left me splotchy and pink.

Definitely start with a low concentration on tea tree oil, but you can up the concentration as your skin gets used to it. I now use 100% TTO, and my skin is fine.

You could also try using salicylic acid with the TTO. That's when I got the best results. Good luck!

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DifferinXP might work. It goes on clear as well. But available with prescription.

Asking your doctor might just be the best thing to do.."Might"

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i have the same problem, i became suddenly allergic to bp

at the moment im experimenting and inbetween products. as i get alot of scalp acne and acne around the hairline, iv changed my shampoo to head and shoulders (after reading that head and shoulders actually gets rid of some peoples acne)

im also using tea tree oil, but only bought it today so will have to wait and see results...smells nice tho!

let me know if you find anything!good luck

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