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Fraxel - blisters/bleeding/breaking out - Dr. Fitzpatrick

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Hi, guys. I'm new here.

I've tried to do a search on acne.org about what I want to ask you guys about, but I didn't find anything that really satisfied my questions, so I wanted to post a new topic and put forth all my questions/concerns about Fraxel.

I really want to try Fraxel for my acne scars, but I'm so scared off by some frightening stories I have heard and read about. I don't know what else to do except communicate with people who have had Fraxel done and be as informed as I can before I make my decision. I will definitely go for a consultation, but I know well enough that actual patients who have had it done will be so much more honest with me and tell me exactly what they went through.

I know that after people get Fraxel treatments, swelling is normal, but I have heard some really scary stories about other side effects and I want to ask people who have actually had it done what their experience has been like.

Mainly, I would like to know: for those of you who have had blisters/bleeding/acne breakouts AFTER your Fraxel treatments, what happened to you some time afterwards? I want to know your story, let's say, several weeks later. Some people post their experiences immediately afterwards, but I don't hear from them weeks later or a year later or just a substantial amount of time LATER in order to really determine if it was, afterall, a success or not. I want to know, if you did have a bad experience and had horrible side effects, did your (for example) blisters heal ok? Did your new breakouts after your Fraxel treatments subside quickly or did these breakouts give you new scars? How long did it even take for you to heal from your Fraxel treatments? What other things/side effects did you experience? How much did it hurt? What do you wish you knew before and after your Fraxel treatments? What do you wish someone had told you that you think I should know if I am seriously considering getting Fraxel treatments? Was it even worth it for you? Meaning, did you see actual improvement? If yes, who was your doctor?

Also, has anyone had their Fraxel treatments done by Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick in San Diego??? If yes, WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE LIKE??? Please be as detailed as possible.

I really do appreciate any info you can give me.

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I had it with the other doctor in his office, DR Goff. 9 months post and pleased with results... like 30% improvement or so?? Bled the first day, no blisters ever, 1 small breakout, very dry skin, red for 10 days or so.

It hurts but it should in my mind it should since getting scars off you skin was never supposed to be easy. Make sure he drugs you good, lol. Take care.

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