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blackheads on face & body

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Ok, so this question is for people who have/had blackheads on face & body.. what works? seriously lol... Do antibiotics work for blackheads? I was on accutane last spring. I still some of the other acne like postules but I don't even care about that to b e honest it's the blackheads I loathe! For like the past year I thought if I changed to all natural products--meaning all vegan, no parabens, and no fragrances either and played around with my diet my blackheads would not be so many. We're not talking like 1 or 2 we're talking all over like an unusual amount. I'm so healthy I can't believe I get this stuff. I wouldn't use most cleansers unless they're more on the natural side...It's frustrating Is there someone who can help?

I mean seriously are blackheads an internal problem? anyone?

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As far as I know Blackheads are caused when excessive sebum clogs the pores of your skin. I always get them on my nose and below the eyes on the cheek area.. I've literally got about 100 of them and the only quick way that gets rid of them is by removing them with your fingers. Also... exfoliate 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells which should stop them from forming.

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Anything exfoliating will help with blackheads. BHA is supposed to get into the pore but in my experience the 2% salicylic acid only has minimal effect. Retinoids are very effective, but they are a strong treatment option so evaluate how badly you want to get rid of these. Using a retinoid means avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen every day.

Mandelic acid has been effective for me lately. I would try that first if I were you. Sun sensitivity is not so much of an issue once your skin has adjusted to the acid. If you are still interested in the all natural treatments look into Garden of Wisdom mandelic acids.

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