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low dose accutane miracle for my skin

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My name is Stephy and I have been reading this forum for years. a couple of years ago I saw the low dose studies and posts but I was just fed up with medicine after being on regular dose acc 3

times and atibiotics for years and it not doing anything long term.

I even had some accutane left that I was afraid to try. After reading lion queens posts and some on the rosacea forum I decided to try taking the lowest dose possible 5 mg a day.

After 1 month my skin was complety clear . I could not beleive it. It probably took 2 months for my pores to clear.

My biggest problem was the oil pumping out of every pore that was causing alot of acne all over my face.

I also have severe seb derm and roscacea which it has helped but not completely gotten rid of.

95% of the acne is gone and alot of the oil except a little on my nose.

I am just amazed every morning when I look in the mirror even after eating bad food!

I had to eat a diet similar to sweat jade to get the acne to calm down but the extreme oil and seb erm were still there.

I just wanted to share because I never thought such a low dose would do so much or even help at all.

and I am hoping to be like lion queen and get to loer my dose to 1 2 or 3 times a week whatever

seems to work for me.

my only side effect was the dry lips that were already there from taking it in the past but they did get worse.

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