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Bump under skin after cyst has healed

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So after a cyst heals, I can still feel a small lump under the skin. Some sort of fat deposit or scar tissue. it feels like a hard lump and in some cases the skin looks looser (especially the one under my ear lobe)

so my question is what is that and will it go away? is there anything that I can do to make it go away faster?

Please let me know, thx!

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I actually asked my derm about that just a few days ago, since I've got two of the sort, also leftovers from a pair of cysts. He said they were clumps of sebum in enlarged sebaceous glands (the fat-producing glands that give us so much trouble..) and that they might disappear by themselves in a matter of weeks or maybe months, but if they don't I might have to get them cut out..

So try to see if they'll shrink in the next couple of weeks - and then if they haven't maybe ask your GP or derm about it..?

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I had them aswell, i told my derm about it and hey presto, one week later im almost rid of it!

All he did was hold some FREEZING cold spray on it for 15 seconds(twice).

It blisters quite badly(annoying since this was on my face) but now 5 days later im left with a scab which is almost gone and no bump!

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