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My log of Ziana and Doryx

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Well, it is more of a log on my use of Ziana. I don't think the Doryx is doing much good since I have already taken Doxycycline for over two years prior to being switched on to Doryx about a month ago. I think this particular antibiotic treatment has run its course and immunity has built up.

As for the Ziana, I am on day 22 of using it. I would have kept a better log starting earlier, but I am new to this site and did not know that we could keep our own logs of our regimen until now. I know that it could take up to 12 weeks for this stuff to completely work, or at least that is what they advertise. The worst of my acne was when I first started on the medication. Since then, I have had no purging period of many horrible blemishes pop up at one time. At this point, I have only had one blemish pop up in the last three or so days. The rest of the marks on my face are either from scarring or blemishes that are trying to go away and turning to scars. I have never felt this hopeful about a treatment before. Hopefully the progress will continue. Ever since the first week of trying this stuff, every Friday I have been taking pictures of my acne to keep track of the improvement. There is a slight difference in appearance from the first week. The only thing I don't like about Ziana is that they state that it works to quickly treat the acne to make a shorter duration of time the blemish is there. I have not noticed this at all! Actually, it seems to just stick around for quite a long while. Big bumps stay big bumps for about a week before they start reducing in size and turn into scars.

So, so far, so good.

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Day 25. Ughhhhh!! Over the last few days, I have had three blemishes appear all of a sudden. And I thought my skin was doing so much better! Two of them are really close together around the cheek and mouth area. It has been a long time since I have had one of those pus filled blemishes, but now all of a sudden I have two. I don't know what is going on unless it may be another purging of the skin. I am about to cry....

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Day 26. Fortunately, those three blemishes seem to be disappearing fairly quickly. They are still there, and they are red, but the pus is gone and they are flattening. My skin tone is evening out! I asked my best friend last night if she thought my skin was improving (aside from the three blemishes) and she said that she really thinks that it is. As a matter of fact, she asked me if I have freckles (she has known me for over two years now and never noticed this). I told her that I do, just that they weren't noticeable before due to the redness from the acne and scars. That really made me feel good and it does seem that my regimen is working for me. I will continue to update if anyone cares to read.

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Day 33. I haven't gotten a new blemish in about two days. I am pleasantly surprised. I have posted a picture in my gallery that I took last night. I am thinking of using the Biore scrub twice a week instead of just once a week. I just hate how dry and tight it makes my skin (it makes me feel like I have a mask on all day), but it is good to use an exfoliant to remove the dead skin. It isn't that big of a decision right now. Maybe I should just stick with what seems to be working, which is just using it once a week. I don't want to start causing problems due to over exfoliating the skin. All I know is that my skin BURNS every night when I wash my face. It is so horrible and painful. I am scared to use the Aveeno lotion since that makes it 100% worse than how it burns now. I am running out of the Benzaclin, so I plan on trying to find some tea tree oil somewhere (I read that getting it from Wal-Mart is a bad idea since it isn't as pure as it should be). So my progress is EXCELLENT!!!! Now if there were only an inexpensive way to get rid of the redness from the scars I would have perfect skin... at least for the moment.

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