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What should I do with new breakouts?

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I'm using BenzaClin right now (5% BP), and I still get some occasional breakouts. That wouldn't be a problem, but since I have a darker skin tone (asian), there's post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after the pimple fades. Should I pop a zit ASAP, or wait until it's mature and then pop? Both will leave PIH!!

Also, how do I apply BP? Becuz after I wash my face with cleanser, and I apply it on, it later drys and I get a thin film over my face, which if I open my mouth or something it'll dry into flakes. Should I apply moisturizer before or after application of BP?! What's the point of applying moisturizer if your face already produces so much oil?

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You should never pop a zit. Everrrr! I know it's SUPER tempting...but it's not worth it. Popping zits only makes you more prone to scarring. So just let the zit do its annoying little thing until it's ready to leave your face.

Also, moisturizer is very important. I know it sounds a bit weird since your face is already oily. If you think about it, if your face is dry, then your skin is shedding a lot. The dead skin will only clog your pores even more so and can lead to more zits. Try to keep your face as balanced as possible! :)

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