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Cleanser burns my face

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Hi i have very mild acne - generally around my chin/forehead/temples. I get the feeling its from irritating my face while sleeping because i HAVE to sleep on my side. I tried sleeping on my back and it actually seemed like it cleared up but i just couldnt do it anymore because I lost a lot of sleep. I wash my blankets/pillowcases every week and i'm not sure what else to do.

however the main reason of this thread is I bought a new facial cleanser called "Oil-Free Foaming Facial Cleanser" that i use twice a day, when i wake up and before i go to bed followed by a moisturizer. It seemed fine the first few days but now its beginning to burn my face really bad. I read the label and i'm thinking my face will clear up for a few days but eventually break out again. Can you guys recommend a product that wont burn my face but actually work? My skin seems very oily and my pores are almost visible from 3 feet away.

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I actually used this for a while and it caused me 3 of the biggest bumps I had in years. So I dont recommend it... Cetaphil, Purpose, and Olay gentle cleansers are all good choices for alternatives.

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If your cleanser is burning your skin, you should NOT be using it. You probably have sensitive skin, or maybe an allergy, or maybe the cleanser is just really harsh. Make sure you are washing gently, with lukewarm water (not cold or too hot) and make sure u rinse well. If you are already doing all those things, you need to try a new cleanser. One made for sensitive skin is best, ie Cetaphil or Simple.

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cetaphil is really gentle but still effective. If your having problems with oiliness, apply a thin layer of a product containing a small amount of benzoyl peroxide every morning, about ten minutes after washing your face. This will help keep your skin oil free.

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