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Weird acne on chin area

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Im hoping you guys can help find out what on earth is going on with recurrent acne on my chin. Ilve had it for about 5 years, and its nearly always around my chin. It seems to start off as a normal spot with no head, then when i either try and squeeze it (which i dont do very much any more) if i accidently scratch the area, a large circle of skin comes off, and it is what it can only describe as raw skin which is 'soggy' underneath.

What looks like the head is usually in the middle, but wont come out. It actually seems to be attached and after a few days or weeks it can be plucked out, which actually leaves a tiny hole. I have to do this as if i dont get it out the skin never heals - it scabs over but will just stay 'soggy' underneath until I get the 'stalk' out. it sometimes takes over 2 months for this to happen!

Does anyone else have this problem or know of anyone that has had this?....

Thanks for any replies

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All I can say is, you're not the only one..

My acnes are just like yours. I've been having them on my chin for almost 4 years now and no topicals would do the trick because they are deep under the skin. Are yours deep, red, hard and sore that last for days or weeks?? That's what mine are like. Are you male or female? I know mine is definitely hormonal and they need to be treated internally..

What have you tried so far?

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its nice to know im not the only one!

Mine are not generally sore, but they last for at least 2 weeks and they just wont heal until everything is out which takes ages. I've tried every topical known to man including prescription stuff, but nothing works. I've actually taken to treating the 'sogginess' with surgical spirit just to try and dry them out a bit quicker so they dont look so bad.

I am female - how do you know yours are hormonal?.....

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