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Oil-Free Daily Scrub

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Hi there this is my first time posting on here.

I am currently using Neutrogena Oil-Free Daily Scrub, its description is an "effective yet gentle scrub with salicylic acid".

It has tiny beads which burst on contact with the skin.

Heres a link to the picture of it:post-117352-1259310955_thumb.jpg

I am currently using it as my daily cleanser 2 times a day. After school, and before I go to bed.

My question is, am I over-using the product? Because its an exfoliant and I'm using it 2 times every day, and would that have a potential to damage my skin?

Should I just use something like this: post-117352-1259310870_thumb.jpg

Or should I continue with what I'm doing now?

Thanks heaps for your time and help :surprised::surprised:



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Your not damaging your skin your ruining it! Dont use a scrub two times a day!! Actually dont use them ever! The point of a scrub is to exfoliate skin. They do this by having those beads literally rip off dead skin (gently). Your gently ripping your skin two times a day that is not good.

I dont know what kind of acne you have but switch to an oil free and soap free daily cleanser and at night put on acne cream and your good to go. Acne washs do nothing IMO. Creams stop acne not cleansers. Good luck.

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Hey Thanks for your reply,

I have acne in between moderate and mild, so its not that bad. About a year ago it would be leaning a little past moderate.

Anyways, with using the scrub 2 times a day, sometimes my acne would go away, then my skin would become smooth. But it would only last for a few days then I would breakout.

I've taken your advice into consideration, I guess I shouldn't use it as often, maybe 2 times a week as max? And also using a cleanser all other times?

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Oh gosh don't scrub that often! I know it might seem like a good idea but it will just do more harm. To exfoliate my skin, I use Dermalogica's microfoliant. It's a bit pricey but you use only a tiiiiny bit...so it lasts a LONG time! It's a soft powder made of rice so it doesn't tear up your skin. Even using it, however, I still skip a few days to give my skin a rest.

Just look around for products that aren't so rough! :)

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oh man. like this time last year, i was using a scrub twice a day....i quit this past summer just cuz it wasn't working...now I know not to!! ohgosh.

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