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NOTICE: Its probably quite depressing, just warning ya.

What I mean is I feel depressed. I fcukin hate it.

2 years ago, I cleared my skin best 3/4 months of my life then I got the major attck of acne back n November 16 2007. Its been 2 years, been on Roacctutane for 1, then basically tried alot of shit to try and get rid o the red marks. 2 years later, and ther still ther?! They have faded away but I hate seeing it there.....

I thought I wouldnt be that bothered about my scars, but I am, especially on me right cheek, I have 3 deep ones and they look horid when I have overhead light shining down on me. :(

Ive been going to this course because ive been forced to due to law, 'jobseekers', and the worse thing is that (Im sorry if this sounds silly or wat not), but non of the girls are eying me like they did back in 2007, its doing me head in, coz it was a regular thing but now I dont even get noticed....

Since Ive been in the house for 2 years, Ive lost mates, and lost, lost mates (no typo ther). What I mean is Ive lost mates who arent anymore (probs not worth anyways), but some of me mates that I have still got are exactly the same way I left them as, but I feel soo distanced from them. I have this one mate, me best mate and we are perfectly fine, because he has come to see me within those two years.

(I havent even see any of me family for 2 years)

I just feel lost, depressed, alone, ugly, and I really dont care about anything.

I just wish I would wake up already.

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Yeah I'm in the same boat as you. Life was great befor acne, but now, the last 4 years of my life, my room was my life and honestly once my face is clear, if that ever happens, im so socially withdrawn i dont know if much will change

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