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feeling unconfortable and insecure

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Does anyone else feel uncomfortable and insecure, especially in social situations?

I just feel dirty and feel I just dont look good or "normal"

This has made my confidence so low, along with my self-esteem.

My acne marks stand out so much, I have brown Asian skin, and like many people with darker skin tones, it just looks sooo bad when you get these dark almost black marks.

I just dont go out anymore which I know is bad.

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Yeah, most of us here do feel that way. I totally do. I have very fair skin (think Kristen Stewart) and lots and lots of dark red marks. It's really tough having to deal with them, but you really just have to basically forget about them. Go have fun, however hard it may be. Just get out there and live. :)

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We all have been through periods of time where we feel this way. That's one of the most amazing things about the org, the ability to relate to others.

It's an inner battle we all fight and until you choose to win yours, you might always feel insecure. But I can tell you that it won't always be that way, not if you choose to stop acne as a controlling factor in your life.

Don't let acne define you. Define yourself. It maybe take a hundred tiny, baby steps, but you can do it. And we are here with you, fighting the good fight. =)

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Yeah. Totally.

I have to avoid mirrors and ALL reflective surfaces for at least a week before I feel confident enough to be around people. It allows me time to forget how horrible I really look. One glimpse, though, and it's all over.

Of course, the stares and comments that come with being out and about ruin it for me, also. I avoid eye contact whenever possible and tend to have my head down all of the time. Not exactly healthy but I can't stand knowing what these people think of me from the looks on their faces. Humiliating.

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