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Pimple underneath the skin, feels like bruise

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:wall: oh no! i picked at ANOTHER ONE! and this time it was one of those that are underneath the skin, it doens't stick out to a tip or anything, but its just those lumpy ones underneath the skin, usually you can't tell if you have one, but it hurts like a bruise and it's sorta red. well i felt it between my eyebrows so i picked at it last night and it was the size of a dime.. and this mornign wen i woke up, it was the size of a quarter! and now it feels as though its spreading down my nose.. becuase its starting to feel bruise-like there also... what can i do!?!? i kept squeezing and squeeeeezing until somethign would come out, but no pus came out, only skin peeled off and blood .. man, i am sad. cry.gif and i HAVE to wear make-up tomorrow, i am giong out to dinner with my bf
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that is called a cyst - they're based deeper in the skin than other types of pimples. You need to not squeeze since as you found out this spreads the infection rather than relieves it. Apply a decent topical like bp and don't touch.

Sometimes the infection will resolve itself without coming to surface, sometimes they will work their way to surface. Sometimes they won't heal or they will leave a discernable lump under the skin. If that happens you can talk to the derm about getting a cortisone shot which will get rid of this.

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Hello Total Control,

You poor little thing. Its a cyst. Dont try and squeeze it anymore. Just leave it alone. Let it go down on its own.

Ive done this too, i know how shocking it is.

The best things to do are to cleanse a lot, apply salycylic acid gel and cleanser, and also take ibuprofen. All of these will reduce the temperature of the cyst and help it go down on its own.

Thats all you can do. Dont worry it happens to all of us.

Hang in there. Focus on doing positive things for yourself. THat will keep you busy, and in a few days you will notice it going down. DOnt even squeeze it then or it will start over again. Leave it alone forever.

Hope this helps : )

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I feel for you...I know how it is...I get the cysts all the time..especially around my period. I always get them on my chin and they hurt and they are just awful...Picking really is the worst thing you could do. I always say I'm not going to pick at it and then I do and make it worse. I usually will wait until there is some pus to get out...Don't worry...It will heal..Don't pick at it anymore. If you get any more, go to your dermatologist and have he/she inject cortisone into the pimple and it will go down. Good luck!

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