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Lemon Juice or ACV?

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anyone? does anyone what the difference between the 2 is?

I've used both to no avail. I will continue to use them and hope for results. Lemon smells nicer though.

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If you're going to pick one, I would say the ACV. I did notice that it helped my red marks. Honestly, I don't do lemon juice or ACV now. Just make sure that it doesn't ruin your PH balance too much.
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I use AVC and it helps, but not as quickly as i like. it never help that quickly, haha. But yeah, i've also read that lemon is really great. But i'm happy with the results ACV is giving me, so im sticking with it.

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I tried ACV several times, and each time I broke out. Still, most others seem to have great results using it, but it didn't work personally (plus, the smell was horrible).

I used lemon juice for a long time, and at first it helped, but eventually it stopped working (this also burned like crazy, and was especially painful on any popped zits. I had to sit directly in front of the fan for a minute or so whenever I put it on to make the pain go away). My derm. told me that was way too acidic, anyway.

So ultimately, neither was of help to me. Maybe you'll have better luck!

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