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adventures in accutane

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Ok so i've been on here the last few weeks bugging people for their accutane experiences trying to grab some balls and just get on this stuff already and now here i am! i have an appt. with my doc this friday and am DETERMINED to walk away with a perscription for tane.

I have always had problem skin, and know that i will most likely forever, even my dear old daddy still gets the occassional zit and he's 55 so from a genetic perpsective i have no hope of ever outgrowing acne. that said i have the worlds best dad and wouldnt trade him to be genetically blessed with perfect skin anyday.

When i was 18 my doc gave me Diane 35 and it was a friggen miracle!! my skin improved at a rate that seemed like magic! I am now 23 and have been on it for years. it works great still with the use of differin and an occassional round of antibiotics my skin was FLAWLESS! but both antibiotics and Diane can really harm you overtime. I could stay on them with good results, but its just borrowed time - at this point all hell will break loose if i ever go off the pill. So my derm put me on Yasmin which i can safely use till menopause if it agrees with me and retin a and now my face is a MESS and its depressing, embarassing and painful!

so its time to take the plunge and go on accutane!

I am SO excited of course at the possibility of having fab skin forever that only accutane can promise but of course i am also TERRIFIED of side effects horror stories, namely flushing and hairloss, they sound just as bad as acne!!

So i will keep you guys posted and will be reading your logs, even though many of our stories are similar the support is just so nice! good luck to everyone!!!!

<3 S

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whats birth control are people using? so far im no fan of yasmin, wish i could be on diane forever i felt so good on it! : (

Yasmin was terrible for me, too. I just started Ortho Tri Cyclen (I took this in highschool and don't remember having any issues with it - my skin was perfect back then, too!)... I haven't taken it long enough to tell if it's good or bad, but it's what my Dr. recommended since I refused to continue taking Yasmin. Wish I could help more?! Good luck with your Dr.'s appt. Friday! :)

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so i met with my doctor this morning and she had no problem perscribing me accutane!

and bonus, i dont know if we just dont have i pledge in canada but i get to start right away! she gave me blood work forms and told me i basically shouldnt even THINK the word pregnant while on this stuff lol but no pregnancy test which is such a relief, because i know i wont be getting pregnant and it seems like a major hassle!

so im gonna bring in my percription ( 40mg), stock up on moisturizer and vitamins and see what happens! i really hope this works for me!!

good luck to everyone else!

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Ok I have another question! haha i dont uderstand this "tane burn" people talk about experiencing....what exactly is it!? why does it happen and most of all does it go away/ how can you make it better!?.....hopefully this is the last side effect i will read and then proceed to majorly spaz about. : P
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it's official!

i went to the pharmacy tooday and picked up my perscription! I got the generic Clarus. I wont be taking it till tomorrow because that's when im getting my blood work done but i decided to take a look in side the box anyway....and printed over every single pill is a little pregnant lady with an X over her!! do other brands have this? it's kind of hilarious. I went the the drug store and stocked up on lotion and chapstick and even got myself a humidifier! a bonus of being on this stuff when you're canadian ( other than that it's free! : ) ) is the sun is non existent untill at least march, and thats if we're lucky ( i've seen it snow in friggen june haha) cons - canadian winter dries up your skin like crazy! i swear if someone from a humid place like asia came here they would just dry up into a rasin overnight, its crazy how dry it is, but luckily my body is adapted to it....anyway, not sure why im rambling on about weather haha....hope everyone else's course is going well, looking forward to starting mine TOMORROW! :D

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Yay, another Canadian! I myself have been on Clarus for three weeks. I think my dosage is low for my weight, so the side effects have been tolerable. I'm going to nudge my doctor to increase my dosage to 60 next week. Which is ideal for my weight, but eventually I'd like to finish off at 80.

So it's actually not really free in Canada, you just have good coverage. I had to pay $18 for my box, which is pretty good considering the box is like, $80 or something. And yeah, Canada does NOT have iPledge. Honestly, I feel for our American friends who've had to deal with it. What a poor process.

So tane burn... to be honest, I've read a lot of differing experiences with this, of course since everyone reacts differently to the drug. Some have advised that using redness reducing moisturizer will help, but personally I think if you're flushing then no external applicant can prevent that. Some have said that it goes away after treatment, but some say that it stays with them. But I read a lot of blogs and tane burns seems to be one of the rarer side effects. Again, that's just the impression I get.

Anyways, good luck on your treatment! Good job on being prepared, make sure to have spare lip balm EVERYWHERE (car, home, work, bag, left pocket, right pocket...)

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I am so confused right now! help me guys! so as you know i got my accutane persription filled, it is sitting in my drawer right now haha the only reason i havent taken it is because im waiting on bloodwork. I got it from my doc not my dermatoligist. I went to my derm yesterday and she advised me to stick it out on retin a micro a while longer before calling in the "last resort" she told me her only concern was that my skin isnt all that oily and that accutane could be too drying for me. She didnt tell me not to take it just to think about it i guess. I have spent weeks mustering up the courage to try accutane and now im just confused again!!! any advice?

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well what dosage are you going on? i've been on 40mg/day for 12 days now, and honestly I don't find it that drying. I'm sure if you were going to take 80mg/day you'd dry out a lot by week 2. My lips are chapped, but they always are when it's cold. I don't think Accutane is that big of a deal, honestly. I mean, I know it comes with side effects, but so do a lot of medicines. Maybe I'm a little too nonchalant about it, but I think if you're insecure with your skin that Accutane is the one thing that you can be really confident in. It might take awhile, but it usually does it's thing. :) Just my two cents!

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