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Doing the Regime Precisely

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I am sure this has been said hundreds of times before but I wanted to remind everyone, either starting or having problems with the regime to do it precisely, just like Dan advises on his videos.

I started the regime back in January 2006 to treat my moderate acne, it was a like a miracle cure and for the next two years or so I was virtually acne free. But by the start of 2008 I began to experience more frequent outbreaks, and for a while moved away from the regime and started to experiment with vitiman B5 and diet changes as an alternative, neither of which worked well in the long term (you can see my earlier topics on this)

A few weeks ago I actually went back to the regime pages and realised I was not been gentle enough with my skin, was not waiting sufficient time between the steps and, most importantly, was not useing the correct amount of BP.

Whilst Dan rightly emphasises the importance of useing a lot of BP, I was actually useing too much, which meant I was excessively drying out my skin and irritating it. I think in 2008 I went through a vicious circle; I used too much, my skin got worse, so I used more BP, whch only exacerbated the problem. But because I had been on the regime for years, it never occured to me I might be doing it wrongly. Its ridiculous it took me this long to realise this :rolleyes:

Anyway, the last few weeks I have been following it precisely, and my skin is almost completely clear just like it was back in 2006. :dance: and , touch wood, it will carry on like this.

Weather your new to the regime or been doing it for years, its always worth going back to the videos and watching them a few times, just to keep you on the right track.

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