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lady cappie

My Rules To Dealing With My Acne

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I have found that I need a constant reminder to behave when it comes to my skin. I often get too close to the mirror and tear myself apart with what I say to myself, and that's not going to help me heal. I think that once I just forget about it and leave it alone, it will clear up in no time.

I plan to be acne free in at least 3 weeks. This is my goal, and I am going to work my butt off to make this happen.


  1. Stay behind the line in front of your mirror
  2. Wash your face and put the lotion on your face and that's it
  3. Don't obsess, just let it be
  5. Remember that everyone goes through it
  6. Remember that it could be alot worse
  7. Remember that you have so many other beautiful things about you
  8. And remember that this is just a phase, it's not a permanent part of you
  9. Know that no one notices nearly as much as you do
  10. Don't hide yourself behind your makeup
  11. Be confident, or show confidence even if you're not

Please make your own list, if you're the list-making type of person. Making lists makes me feel like I have a plan, even if it's just a bunch of little reminders.

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