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What are the options for getting rid of scars, how much do they cost, & how long does it take?

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Karam, you have a lot of reading to do on this site for you will find many varying opinions on your question. I will start you off with probably the most expensive of the treatments which is the Fraxel Re:pair with a big emphasis on the Re:Pair because there are other less effective lasers with the first name Fraxel. As you can see by my signature I have had 3 Re:pairs done at maximum settings 70mj - 60% at a total cost of $8,000. From the many postings on this subject I question the effectiveness of the procedure if done at reduced levels. If you have delicate skin perhaps Re:pair would be too intense for you. Also if you have darker skin investigate fully before proceeding with Re:pair as some people are prone to hyperpigmentation. I am satisfied with my 3 Re:pairs and I am undecided if I will need a 4th procedure next year. I have started off your education with the most intense of the procedures. If you are timid stay home because the recovery will shock you the first couple of days, but after that it is a breeze.

You will notice that I also had Dermabrasion and Regular Co2, neither of which I recommend for acne scars.

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