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ACV and breast milk?

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I love using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner, and it deff helped with my acne, tone, blackheads, red spots, ect! I decided to try it internally to see if I could reap any other benefits from ACV. I am a nursing mother. I have only tried this for 1 day, and it seemed like my daughter was not very interested in nursing today. Do you think that ACV could change the taste of my milk? She is nine months old, and will not take a bottle or formula... so it would be bad if me drinking ACV caused her to wean.

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hmmm... I doubt it honestly but I guess it could be possible

The only reason I commented was because I was expected something VERY different to be posted in here.. LOL

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Oh... well, I never tried breast milk on my acne, but my sister-in-law did tell me that it would be a cure-all for my complexion. If I happen to get another pimple, before I stop nursing, I'll try it and let you know. Thanks for your input, I'll just keep up my intake of ACV for the week and see what happens with my daughter. If she is nursing less I'll stop. If today was just a fluke, and she is nursing fine, then I'll keep it up and update what happens.

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