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Shaving possibly causing acne now

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So I have mild acne with oily skin, but over the last 1-2 yrs., I have been really only getting acne in my hairline. I don't really have acne elsewhere except for occasional breakouts - since its confined to the hairline, I thought it may have something to do with shaving.

I have pretty thick facial hair, and do not really get a very close shave going downward only (I do not shave against the grain currently).

-Current shaving items include: edge gel for sensitive skin, and the Gillette Trac II Plus razor. I wash my face with Purpose gentle cleanser before lathering up.

-Current acne treatments include: Paula's Choice 2% bha gel.

I will get either one of the following after shaving:

-White puss underneath/next to a hair follice that is growing normally out of the skin. It either gently comes out, or it almost comes out from under the hair, similiar to a blackhead (which it may be).

-There is a small bump (usually on the neck). When squeezed a good amount of puss will come out every time. There is no hair at all near this bump.

I probably have about 3-4 of these total after each shave (shaving once every two days)

Ok, so just want some shaving advice - I am considering a different shaving and acne product method, but would like to know what may be causing this in the meantime, before I make any major changes. This only developed in the last year or two (been shaving for 7-8 yrs. before this).


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Anyone at all? I read a thread, and you should make sure you dip your razor in hot water. It's also been advised to put alcohol aftershave on, but I'm weary about that.

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