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6 years of body acne since 6th grade..

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I've pretty much suffered body acne 1/3 of my life and I want to go on a relationship but it's very hard to when your chest and back has acne..

I have tried Dan's regimen, different kind of soap, proactiv, drink more than a gallon of water a day, and I even went for that Gold Bonding thing but nothing works.

I"m getting tired of having low confidence because of this, please recommend me something that will finally end this. (don't want to have to go through Accutane, that thing is too much for me)

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What kind of shampoo do you use? As soon as I stopped using Pantene shampoos and conditioners I stopped breaking out. I switched to head and shoulders classic care like some people suggested and i don't break out much anymore and it seems to treat existing spots pretty well.

Also, you look like you work out. I started breaking out when I was working out heavily. If you don't already shower immediately after start doing so.

You can also look into apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil which are other products I used with some success.

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I switch my shampoo brands around pretty often so that can't be the problem but I usually roll out with the American Crew, Axe, or this one green bottle my mom uses with green liquid.. anyways I've been working out a year and my body acne started much much earlier than that, but I still show within 30 min or so.

I heard of apple vinegar but in the situation I'm in, I really don't think it will help me; :( Just recently I've been taking multivitamin and that drastically eliminated cysts on my chest so now I only get pimples and the thing is, when one goes away, another pops up out of nowhere.

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Some other ideas to try are zinc supplements. I take 50mg a day and I don't get any new breakouts. Also, try to watch what you eat and see if there is any correlation with what you eat on a certain day and breakouts the next.

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Funny that you mentioned zinc because when I started taking my multivitamin, it greatly reduced my body acne, and my multivitamin has exactly 50 mg of zinc per serving but as you can see, I still continue to have acne but it's a lot better than it was a few months ago.

I am actually a health freak, for the past 5 months I have ate nothing but oatmeal, banana, protein shake, and chicken/beef/steak with rice. I guess I will look into that tea tree oil you were talking about, any idea where I can get one at a good price?

Thanks for the help too man, much appreciation.

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Yeah Den, I'm in the same boat as you. My chest acne seems to be in the same place (maybe a little more centralized between the pecs) but yeah, I had my chest acne before I started to workout. I tried the Regimen on it and I think it just keeps it stable and doesnt help keep it at bay. You may wanna look into H&S.

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Hey dude.

I got pretty similar acne to you, and I will give you a few tips:

1. Try a mix of ACV and tea tree oil, lay it on thick and strong.

2. Or try the H&S regimen, look it up on the board theres a few threads.

3. Keep working out, as it obviously doesnt affect your acne. Plus its good for self confidence etc.

4. You look good, you can def get a girl; dont let acne limit you. I have acne like that and I've got a girl, most don't really care, except for shallow superficial chicks that you wanna avoid anyway.

All the best

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I looked up the H&S and boy it sounds good, I think I will try this regimen out.

Before I do buy it, the purpose was meant to be used on "heads" right? because I'm looking at a few such as the H&S Classic Clean and nowhere does it say to apply on the back, chest etc.

Thanks again

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