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Jakarta, Indonesia

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I am heading back to Jakarta for vacation and everytime I am there, my acne gets worse because of the very hot & humid weather! And plus I seem like I am much more oilier there too. Currently I am in Paris and it's gonna be my first time to use Dan's Regimen here. I will be in Paris until February so I will be fine using the regimen. I'm just worried using it when I'm in Jakarta.

Is anyone out there using dan's regimen or another regimen in a very hot & humid climate? And what regimen are you guys using? Any tips or suggestions will help. Thanks

- Romeo

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Hey RomeZ.

I'm using Dan's regimen in Bandung for months now, and it's doing very well for me --

I'm using BENZOLAC 2.5% (benzoyl peroxide 2.5%) for the BP, and Nivea Soft (you know... one with the white packaging, not the dark blue one) for the moisturizer. It's kind of hard getting the Benzolac though, I have to order it through a store here to get it, but it's worth it all. I think you can find it easier in Jakarta than here in Bandung.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Romez,

Iam from Indonesia too. You can still use the Dan's regime. Many people here also stick with Dan's Regime. But since we have hot climate, maybe you have to apply it less than usual.

If you have adapt with Dan's Regime, I think it's not a big problem for you.

Are you from Indonesia, or you come to Indonesia to visit your friend ?

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hi guys,

i'm from indonesia too, in a small town in central java.

i found BP 5% here, but having problems to find the best cleanser and moisturizer, could you give me suggestions please....


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