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AAA=Adios adult acne

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I am a 30year old female that lives in the San Francisco Bay area.I have had acne since i was about 13 years old nothing toooo bad until about 3 years ago!I have tried all types of topicals,antibiotics,birth control but nothing works!The last couple of months my acne has gotten worse to the point i have had people ask me "what happened to your face"?HELLO how the heck should i know?Even my mom came over the other day and saw me without makeup and said"oooh wooow your face" So after all these lovely comments i decided it was time to try accutane.

Day 1- Scared as heck to take it but took it,no side effects

Day 2-Nothing

Day 3-Nothing

Day 4-My nose feels really dry inside(like when there is alot of smoke in a room)lips are starting to get dry

Day 5-Nose feels dry inside,woke up really oily

Day 6-My skin on my forehead is starting to flake off and on the corners of my nose is starting to get real dry had to put aquaphore,dry lips

Day 7-was at the mall and i kept on getting really really red!Dry hands and lips

Day 8-My scalp is really itchy and dry(my scalp is usually VERY VERY oily )and it's starting to flake.Lips are really dry

Day 9 today-woke up rubbed my face and my forehead is not oily!My nose is starting to peel .I'm still a bit oily on my cheeks.

Hey can someone explain the difference between whiteheads,pimples,actives,nodules(sp)etc?Thamks

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Day 10

Finished my first packet of 10 pills!Yay!Well i have 2 new huge ones on my neck,2 new one's on my left cheek and about 3 on my right cheek!Today i woke up and NO OIL!!It even felt wierd rubbing my face!There was no need to wash this morning but i did.My scalp is very dry and itchy!I washed my hair Monday night and my hair still has NO OIL it looks like i washed it this morning!I can't believe how quick this pill is working!

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Day 15

So today is day 15th my face is looking really good!Everything seems to be drying out and flattening out!I even had someone tell me my face looks better.I've been moisturizing like crazy!Because if i don't my face feels really tight and it bothers me.The other day my husband was looking at me and noticed my ears and the inside of my ears were peeling!My face seems to be red alot!I've notice i blush really easily now.My lips are soooooooo dry! I can NOT go a minute without something on my lips!I was using aquaphore but i hate the greasy feeling so today i'm trying out carmex.Also my hair does not get greasy anymore.Oh and my blackheads are starting to come to the surface.

So on Thanksgiving i had 6 beers and the next day morning i felt fine except my lips felt dryer.But by the evening i felt really tired and i got real dizzy and started getting a little anxiety attack.I don't know if it was the accutane +beers or if it was just i hadn't slept good?who knows.

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One suggestion for hair- have you tried Niacin shampoo with mint? It's very cooling and did wonders for my hair while on Accutane. It's a little pricey, but completely worth it. Also- keep applying aquphor to your lips constantly... your lips will thank you! I am still addicted to it, and it's been years since I was on Accutane. Stay away from alcohol if you can while taking this med- it's not worth the risk of side effects. I hope your course proves successful for you! :D

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