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Spironolactone IB

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I'm about to start taking spiro, and I'm terrified of the initial breakout. Right now, I definitely have pretty bad hormonal acne. The week before my period, my skin is an absolute wreck and I try to stay indoors. I haven't left my house currently in three days!! I have four cysts, and many small bumps. I'm also going to start BC for the first time, concurrently with the spiro. My question: How bad is the initial breakout with spiro? I'm asking because a month after I begin these two pills, I'm going to see my long distance boyfriend. I feel SOOO terrible when my skin is a mess, and I'd really prefer to not see him if I'm broken out horribly. Is there any way I can prevent this breakout? Ughhh, I'm just so nervous. My skin makes me feel absolutely terrible and it dominates my entire life. I'm so anxious and depressed about this.

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I am in the same boat with the emotional effects of acne so I feel your pain. I am two weeks into spiro and my skin looks better than it did two weeks ago. No IB yet. I still have a lot of blackheads but haven't seen an increase in any inflammed acne.

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The only way you can get rid of the IB is taking those prescriptions along with an antibiotic. I've been on spiro for about 1 1/2 months. The IB hasn't been bad at all because I'm taking it along with ciprofloxacin. Other antibiotics that are cheap and will work are doxycycline, Bactrim, ampiciin, cephalexin. Try to get one of these through the IB. After a coupe months, the antibiotic might stop working, and you'll need another one. It stops because the bacteria that the antibiotic is killing builds up a resistance.

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