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when will i start seeing results from accutane please reply :D

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okay so im half way through week 6 and im still breaking out with whiteheads on the cheeks someone made a comment about me popping my spots today and it knocked my confidence, so im just wondering roughly what week will i stop breaking out and will they still go if i do pop my spots?

thanks x

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Don't worry... You are in the begining. I started to clean up in my third month. Stay strong, IB is normal and you shouldn't worry about it. Be patient and things will get better very soon :D

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I'm on day 41 right now (end of week 6) and I'm still breaking out a lot too.... Everyone tells me that you see improvement in month 3 (specifically week 12 is the BIG week for clearing). I'm hoping this is true, because I am starting to worry about this drug not working... I know it is still way to early to expect results, but it is just hard to think your face will clear in the next 3 months when it looks as bad as mine does right now... Can anyone verify that the 12th week is the big moment to wait for? Thanks!

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I also started clearing up a bit late, but there were slight improvements along the way. I am in month approaching the 5 month mark, and im pretty much clear

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I stopped breaking out in the middle of month 2, but now, 1 week before starting month 3, I noticed new pimples coming :( Less than my IB but I haven't had any new for about 2 weeks and now those new ones really make me sad :(

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