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moisturizer theory. . thoughts?

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Hey guys,

Here's a theory that I have about moisturizing on retinoids that crossed my mind today (just a theory, I'm happy to hear other people's takes on it). I've had a pretty bad IB on retin-A, like, 7 weeks straight of the worst acne of my whole life. My skin wasn't that irritated, but definitely flaky, so I moisturized a ton. Since I've always used cetaphil myself, I would end up putting it on 4-5 times a day sometimes. If you look up cetaphil, however, it does have some ingredients that are comedogenic (nearly all creams do it seems). It's probably not a big deal normally, but I think if you are applying it more than normal, maybe you are adding too much of the comedogenic stuff along with the good stuff, right? So I thought maybe this was exacerbating my IB. I have very dry skin and need to moisturize a lot, so recently switched to only using %100 jojoba oil (something completely non-comedogenic, my skin loves it) and my IB seems a lot less inflamed, and my skin more calm.

Could be coincidence, I don't know, it's just my pet theory.

thoughts? I'd also LOVE a quick reply of the best OTC spot treatment anyone's used while on retinoids. . thanks

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this seems to make sense, and it kind of goes along with my worry about using mineral makeup while on RAM. putting comedogenic stuff on your skin while using a product that (seems) to turn every comedone into a zit, it sounds aweful!!!! i use cetaphil all the time, so i guess its time to try and find something new... youre idea of jojoba oil scares me though, being acne prone i have this deep belief that oil should never be ADDED to ones face. but this is giving me a new perspective hmmmm.

best OTC spot treatment IMO is either BP or SA. i use paulas choice 2% BHA liquid all over before RAM so i see that as a spot treatment. I use BP in the morning only on cysts or nodules that arent ready to pop yet. unfortunately spot treatments arent my friends as i tend to over use them causing weird shiny skin/chemical burns that double healing time. so i tend to stay away until necessary.

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I use AcneFree 10% BP for spot treatment. I've used both 2.5% and 10%, both are very drying. For moisturizer, I have used Cetaphil in the past but recently switched to Eucerin. I always look for "non-comedogenic" on the labels. I was convinced that Cetaphil was contributing to my breakouts.

Actually, adding some oils to your face is really not that bad. Jojoba oil is a 2 (out of 5) on the comedogenicity scale, so it's really not that bad.

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I know, jojoba oil is one of the best things I've ever discovered for my skin (that and rooibos tea, love it!!) I now use jojoba oil as both a cleanser and moisturizer and my skin LOVES it.

My theory about being on retinoids is: the more simple and natural, the better!

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Just to add to this, I've been using the AHA moisturizer from Neutrogena for the past few months and it works wonderfully, keeping my acne semi-at bay (by it self..with prescriptions even better). I decided I'd try Cetaphil's moisturizer again..BAD IDEA..I got 3 cysts and a lotta breakouts..I'd avoid at all costs honestly.

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