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Do you buy special pillow cases to avoid bleaching?

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No matter how dry my BP gets on my face - it still bleaches my pillow cases/covers! I just spent $70 on my sheets and now :rolleyes: - they are bleached!

So...if you are on the Regiment - do you buy special sheets of white color and pillow cases/covers of white color?

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yeah, i used white pillow cases, white towels. if you have high concentrations of bp lying anywhere, i feel like those bleach things much faster than 2.5%, so watch out. i can't view pillow cases the same after getting acne. it's annoying having to change it so often because it might cause you to breakout.

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Hey! So this is a really hilarious suggestion, but totally practical for me. I'm single and the look of things doesnt ever come into play ;P

I work in an infectious diseases office and we would constantly send out these sterile pads to nurses to place instruments on or what have you. Turns out, they are supplied by a diaper company, and can be bought at a shoppers drug mart. The hilarious part? They are protective "adult incontinence pads". That aside, they are sterile, and protect pillows from any bleaching. I just started the regimen and have been using a "sterile" pillow case (pretty cheap to buy, the ones I bought were 13.00 and there were 18 pillow sized pads in it. Anyways its only my second day and my skin is already fantastically better. :P I felt my pillow might be contributing to my acne, so these pads help either way.

Anyways, just my suggestion :P Take it and go.

(Reference to Russell Peters lol)

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