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I Did TCA CROSS 30%....

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I bought TCA 30% from makeupartistschoice to use on two ice picks I have on my cheeks. I did my tca cross on Nov 8th and I had scabs until about the 19th or so. Now that they are gone, they are still very red and seem wider. I think they may have raised, but the wideness of them is really bothering me. Any words of encouragement?

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This Sunday, the 29th, will be 3 weeks since I intially did my TCA cross on 2 ice pick scars... 8 days since the scabs fully fell off. From far away they are red and noticeable and look deeper/wider, but when I go upclose they look about 80% filled in!! The redness is making them look worse than what they really are. I know it takes a while for skin to heal, so I am being patient. I cannot imagine what 50% or 100% tca would have done. I only did 30%!

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Since I did 2 ice pick scars that are side by side, the redness on one of them has reduced significantly, the other is still REALLY red, but every day I still see skin being built on it... scabs I guess you would say. I do NOT scrub these areas at all when I touch or wash my face and I use retin a every night. I take vitamin supplements as well. I can see a huge difference in how much collagen has built up since I have done tca cross over a month ago. My scars look bad with no makeup on (due to the scabs and redness), but with makeup on the ice picks are unnoticeable! I am going to do this again in about a month and stick to the 30% tca.... maybe I would get faster results with 50%, 100% tca, but I have received really good results from just 30%! I am now looking into dermarolling some of my rolling scars.

I am pretty sure I may have body dysmorphia because my boyfriend does not think anything of my skin and I live with him... he sees me scabbed, red, "scarred"..., but I see the scars very much

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