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ALA + Exercise increases SOD in Rats

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The combination of alpha-lipoic acid supplementation and aerobic exercise inhibits lipid peroxidation in rat skeletal muscles.

Rats were given alpha lipoic acid or exercise or both. Antioxidant levels then measured in muscle. The "both" group got significantly elevated levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD).

This might not translate to humans, or might not be indicative of what happens to SOD in skin, as opposed to muscles. OTOH, it could explain why some people report significant improvement with ALA and others report none. Having a significant zinc status may also be a necessary ingredient, though this study did not address that question.

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Hello Good Sir,

I recently started researching and taking zinc, and thereby came across a few of your posts relating to SOD, which got me started on the SOD reseaerch. This led to finding the following studies:

Potential role of dietary omega-3 essential fatty acids on some oxidant/antioxidant parameters in rats' corpus striatum:


Effect of Omega-3 Fatty Acid on Oxidative Stress in Patients

on Hemodialysis:


That's right, rats and humans! Boom!

I read somewhere else that taking SOD orally is ineffective due to metabolism of the protein, which would mean one needs indirect methods of increasing serum levels and activity. These studies could be relevant to the success some people have had with fish oil in controlling acne.

Since have been sharing information about zinc and SOD I thought you might like to see these studies (in case you haven't yet).


EDIT: links didn't work so I posted URLs

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