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Spots in embarassing places!?

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Well after months of not having a single huge spot i get one in between my eyebrows the day before i start my new job...FML!!!

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Spots are embarrassing ANYWHERE lol

but I guess tip of the nose is pretty embarrassing..thankfully I've never had one there lol

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Just my fucking luck. Got home today and now I DO have a spot there, right in the middle of my forehead. It hasn't surfaced yet, it's still the color of my skin and not red, but it's fucking huge. >:|

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wow thats weird! coincidence? or something else? it sucks having this spot because its so near your eyes which means people will inevitably look at it :(

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haha I've had zits on the back of my earlobes (weird, but no one can really see it anyways). used to have some on my thighs. also had a tiny one on my arm once lol. now my shoulders and chest are pretty much cleared up just have a couple spots of my face.

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ugh i get 'em right in the middle of my eyebrows, my upper lip, my nose...i hate the ones right under your nostrils that turn white. sooo repulsive. look questionable [lol] and they hurt like hell

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