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Cover up red scars and red irritated blemishes without foundation and powder?

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What is the best way of doing this? I heard that using green concealer is great for covering up the red marks, but wouldn't it look weird using this without foundation and powder on top of it? I am just looking for a way to cover up the scars and recent blemishes without clogging the pores up with gunk from the foundation and powder going all over my face. I am not much for make-up anyway, but I want to attempt to put my best face forward if I can without actually wearing make-up (the foundation and powder) to do it.

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Hi there!

It's true that a greenish concealer can be handy to tone down the red, but it is normally used with a flesh colored concealer or foundations.

I would say that it is a common misunderstanding that make up will clog your pores and give you more blemishes. It is true that SOME products might do that for some people, but it all depends on your skin and how you remove the make up afterwards. But if you are one of those people that break out from the smallest things, then I'm not sure there is anything you can do.

Maybe look into tinted moisturizers or maybe get a flesh colored concealer/foundation that matches your skin tone and only use it where the blemishes/redness is worst. Best of luck.

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Try the "Mineral Fusion" Concealer. It is natural and I use it only on my spots...it does wonders at covering up and you can leave the rest of your face open...blends beautifully. Also, each little compact comes with two shades, a light and a dark, so you can blend to your exact skin tone. I have tried so many things and this has helped me the most and does not make me break out. It's available at any Wholefoods store in the makeup section. Here's a link:

Good luck:)


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I don't like the look of just concealer over red marks; for me, it never really looks even. But if you're dead set against full face makeup, try using a good concealer brush and powder concealer on your spots. I use MAC StudioFix Powder Plus with my concealer brush, and it works great for me.

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I don't like the look of just concealer over red marks; for me, it never really looks even.

I feel the same way about concealer too. Green concealer has never looked right on me, anyways. Even with a flesh colored concealer over it.

I use L'Oreal Bare Naturale loose powder. Some of my blemishes still show, but I don't really want to use a heavy liquid foundation.

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